You want make a living from your online business or create an internet business on your passion? Maybe you don’t want a boss and you’re tired of your job? Well, it’s time to start building your own online business! You can finally work from all over the world using a simple computer!

How to live an online business?

If you are not in the business, you are probably wondering how to make a living from your online business. I will try to quickly summarize this for you through this paragraph.

Training & Co'm

Like any business, the goal of an online business is to sell, and therefore, solve a problem. There are many ways to make money on the internet, each time with a different strategy. In this article we will talk about information product sales business.

An information product can take many forms. It can for example be a video training, an ebook, fact sheets, etc. The advantage of this type of product is that once created you no longer have to work on it and you can sell it thousands of times.

To make a living from your online business, you will need to find a theme and meet the biggest needs being there. As said before, this can be in different forms (videos, ebooks, fact sheets, etc.). Once this is done, it will only miss attracting customers.

It could not be easier ! How do people solve a problem? Searching for the answer on the internet! You will therefore write articles and / or make videos on the subject. For example, if you are into boxing, do an article on how to make a good knockout. As a result, people looking for how to knock out will potentially come across your article.

How to sell to visitors?

Training: live your online business in less than a year Once you’ve written articles or made videos, you’re going to have to sell your products. There are several methods and tips for doing this, but the main point isacquire visitors’ mail. Thanks to this you can send automated emails using software and sell your paid products, but we’ll see that later.

To encourage a visitor to give their email, you must offer a gift. It can be free videos, an ebook, training … No matter how interesting it is. To do this, you can offer capture forms next to your articles, pop-up pages that open or a link to a capture page.

Once the email is collected, you will have nothing more to do. In fact, your autoresponder will take care of sending an email every day that you have pre-written in advance to your new client. Day 0 it will of course send the free product you promised, but thereafter it will send some free or paid content every day.

A number of people who are interested and really looking for solutions to their problems will then go further and buy a more complete product. This is how you go earn money on the internet. Now, know that I sum up the system enormously and that if it is not perfectly optimized, you will not attract many people and even less make sales. Fortunately, I have created a video training that will teach you how to do this step by step.

Presentation of the training:

Training ” make a living in less than a year “Is for people who want to start an internet business using a blog, social media or a YouTube channel. The goal is to create an online business using her passion and live on it.

Very often you will not earn a lot of money when you start. However, you will see that after a year you will start to be able to live off your business gradually.

If you are not made to enter the codes “metro, job, dodo”, that you are thirsty for adventures, travel, freedom and that you aspire to do great things, entrepreneurship is for you. What could be better than working from all over the world using your computer without a boss.

The interest of an online business is the passive. Each time you publish content (video, article, podcast, etc.) you will attract people throughout your life. The action is done only once, but will pay off several times.

Training module:

The training includes ten hours of access videos on the practice which will teach you how to create and live your business from scratch.

She is divided in four modules:

Module 1: creating your blog; we will see how to create a WordPress blog, how to optimize SEO and how to create the different essential pages (about, home, legal notices), but also how to find a profitable topic.

Module 2: attract visitors; we will see how to optimize an article to attract visitors, but also for Google. How to create optimized links and also how to create a community.

Module 3: create a product; in this module we will see the different types of products that you can create as well as the software to create sales pages, publish your product and sell it.

Module 4: manage emails (auto-responder, email list, automation); in this last module, we will see how to create an effective email sequence. I’ll give you my own email sequences and I’ll show you the software I’m using. We will also see how to create a pop-up page, a capture page or all kinds of related things.

For more information, contact me on [email protected] or go to the sales page:

Note that at the moment there are 27 places left for a special offer! 6 hours of coaching offered (1 each month for 6 months) to the first 30 registered, this in order to benefit from personalized support and to have real results. Do not hesitate to go for it!