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Whether it is for need of autonomy, flexibility or because the current job market gives little satisfaction, entrepreneurship and becoming independent has become a goal for more and more people. Yes but here it is, it is not always easy to make yourself known and to develop your activity on the Internet. However, following the right methods, anything is possible. Discover the new “Biz Club” training, the aim of which is to help you develop your activity on the Internet…

This online training over 3 months offered by Alexandre Roth offers to give you all the keys to success online. Then it’s up to you to practice and prove yourself.

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I’ll let you read Alexander’s interview which gives all the details of this training. To register for a more complete presentation of the training, go to this page. You’ll access a series of free videos to start learning the basics and then be invited to a Webinar that will take place on October 16.

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Hello Alexander, before you start, can you introduce yourself to our readers? What is your background ?

alexander roth

Hello Sylvain, thank you for this interview! I am Alexander Roth, web entrepreneur for 10 years. I started in love coaching – I have a site on seduction which makes nearly 5 million readers per year: www.lifestyle-conseil.com

Little by little I started other businesses on the Internet: press relations – notably setting up a profitable online business! In 2015 I made almost 300 000 euros of turnover.

You are launching a new “Biz Club” training, what is its purpose and who is it for?

Biz Club is aimed at all those who want to be profitable on the Internet and live a completely free life: freedom of movement – time freedom (having your time – no longer being a prisoner of your work) – and financial freedom.

Biz Club members can start their online business from scratch by following the training or develop an already existing activity.

Tell us a little more… What will we find in this training? When does it start and how is it organized?

The Biz Club contains 11 modules + 2 bonus modules. Every 10 days 1 new module is unlocked. In each module there is one or more videos with concrete explanations and an action plan to be implemented immediately on a specific theme. It’s 100% practical – NO blah – no theory.

I will detail the program in a few lines.

Another highlight of Biz Club : you joined a real community: a community of people who move to set up an online business at more than 100,000 € per year. So it is very dynamic and profiles are very varied. I also insist that you don’t have to be a computer scientist to join her. No need to be good at technology. To cite just my simple example, I can’t type a single line of code and yet that doesn’t stop me from having a thriving online business.

To be precise and concrete, here is what the training contains:

  • The mindset of the successful entrepreneur;
  • The foundations of an online business that is a hit;
  • Your professional website from A to Z;
  • Transform views euros with your YouTube videos;
  • Double your business through Facebook;
  • Quickly generate your audience of qualified prospects;
  • Create and launch your 1st bestseller product;
  • Sell ​​quickly, well and repeat! ;
  • Your Internet business on autopilot;
  • Raise the bar for a 6-figure turnover (€ 100,000);
  • The perfect web-entrepreneur’s toolbox;
  • As a bonus: the legal anti-bug pack;
  • As a bonus: your business in the headlines;
  • And many other surprises (coaching monthly etc.).

You can become a member of Biz Club from October 12. The training takes place over a little more than 3 months but it remains available on the private site throughout the year.

Is this the first time you give it? If not, what were the results for the first participants?

The Biz Club in its first version was called “Successful Online Business”. Today I changed the name because the training has evolved. It is broader – fully takes into account all recent aspects of the Internet business: Facebook ad – YouTube channel etc.

The first participants have been very successful. I am thinking in particular of Youmna who made more than 35,000 euros thanks to these online conferences on branding. Thanks to this, she was able to realize a childhood dream and produce her own play at the French Fashion Institute. Another example Dialine who is a coach for women: in 1 year she divided her working time by 2 and increased her income thanks to her activity on the Internet which is much more profitable and much less restrictive than her activity in an office.

Finally I could talk about Emma who started a blog on style and beauty for women. In 2016 it will reach nearly 200,000 euros in turnover thanks to my advice. And that’s just the beginning !

Does it helps to be really independent when completed? Do you have a notable success story from one of your interns?

Yes and no. Yes because if you follow all the content of the Biz Club diligently you have all the tools in hand to set up a profitable online activity and be completely free.

However this is not a winning lottery ticket. You have to apply the advice, the tips, the techniques that I give and be persistent.

Remember this: Biz Club is chewing your work to build a profitable online business!

Once the training is over, is there any follow-up with your trainees?

Yes of course – it’s not for nothing that in Biz Club there is “Club”. I do not leave the members alone once all the modules are available. Instead personalized support is always present during and after training. Whether on the private Facebook group where everyone posts their successes, questions, comments, on the Biz Club’s private site in the space reserved for questions and answers for each course, or during the group coaching that takes place each month.

So yes there is a big follow-up of the members. It’s one of my hallmarks. And I make it a point of honor to provide the best personalized support possible.

If we had 3 advantages to draw from this training, what would they be?

Advantage 1: have all the tools in hand, the necessary knowledge and know how to use it to launch a profitable online activity and live completely free thanks to it.

Benefit 2 : benefit from personalized follow-up that allows all members to ask a question – make a comment and get a quick feedback. Not to mention the group coachings that take place every month and the private group on Facebook.

Benefit 3 : in the Biz Club you have access to my entire address book, to all the members of my team. So if you have a need, technical or otherwise, you can contact them. It’s a big plus – it saves a lot of time. And I’ve put together a series of video tutorials that you can follow to the letter. So you will never be blocked by technical

A word for the end?

Yes, thank you for this interview and I would like to add this short word: Internet everyone knows, this is the future. There is a place for everyone so take action. Take your place on the Internet and live freely!

Alexander thank you for your answers!

With pleasure 🙂

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