▷ Tutorial: how to download Instagram photos, videos and stories from any account? 2020 -
Paradise beaches, artistic photos, backstages,
people… there is no shortage of beautiful photos on Instagram. Sometimes we
would like to be able to keep and save photos, videos and stories, but
unfortunately the social network does not offer this option. If you are at the
looking for a way to download Instagram content, I have the tool there
you need, which is free: 4k Stogram. Let’s test it together… 

1time step: download and install 4K Stogram

You can find the 4K Stogram software for free on this page. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install it.

2th step: search for Instagram content

4k Stogram integrates a search engine, you can
find content by indicating an Instagram account, a hashtag or even a

I’ll take the example of photographer Murad Osmann’s account @muradosmann

I enter his nickname in the software and I click on
Subscribe to:

Instagram Follow Marketing Tool

The software then begins to download the contents.

If the account has a lot of photos, you can
stop downloading at any time by clicking on ” stop the

For a hahstag, it’s the same principle, example for
fans of our feline friends with the hashtag #cat:

download photos hashtag instagram

3th step: recover the contents

The software downloads the different contents. Click on
the arrow to find all the content related to your search:

download photos instagram computer

You just have to click on the photo or video that you
interested in recovering it. And that’s all ! She is not beautiful
life ?

At any time, you can also retrieve the latest
content of your research by clicking on “update photos”.

Note that all content is saved in the
“Images: 4K Stogram” folder on your computer, you
can also go there to recover all files at once.

4K Stogram offers you a menu allowing you to access
this famous file easily but also to see the publication directly
on Instagram:

recover Instagram content

Verdict : it couldn’t be simpler for
use. Efficient, the software allows you to recover all content
Instagram you want.

Did you know this software? If yes what is your
use of it? Note that there is also a pro version
for more intensive use?

To install 4K Stogram for free, click here

Note that the editor also offers software to do
the same with Youtube content: 4K Video Downloader.

Article written in collaboration with 4K

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