▷ Understand the prices of web freelancers in an infographic 2020 -

The arrival of UberPop and the anger of French taxis is the most visible mark: the world of work is changing. Uber is the symbol of this: the Californian giant works with 160,000 contract workers, but employs only 2,000 people. If I don’t go so far as to declare, as TechCrunch does, that “in the future, there will be no more employees”, the trend is very clear: freelance work is booming …

For web entrepreneurs, working with freelancers is nothing new. We very quickly have to work with freelancers in almost all the fields of activity necessary for the proper management of a digital project: design, development, web marketing… This is the great advantage of the web: we find freelancers from all countries of the world, of all levels, and at all prices. But this great richness and diversity of the offer can also be a potential drawback. The prices charged are more and more opaque: between a junior PHP developer in India to a senior Parisian dev, prices can vary from € 50 to more than € 700 per day. For graphic designers, it’s the same: juniors tend to underestimate themselves and offer prices that break the market, while an artistic director with a large network and a well-stocked book may charge € 800 per day for its benefits.

This price difference can be a real headache for a person who does not have the skills necessary to properly assess the work performed by the service provider in question.

To see more clearly, La Fabrique du Net has carried out a study on the price of the services offered on HopWork, a French freelance / business connection platform, and Freelancer, its competitor with a more international positioning. In total, nearly 90,000 web freelance prices were analyzed to perform this infographic.

Infographic - Freelance web rates

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