▷ Understanding digital press relations on video 2020 -

As an extension of our last video on Inbound Marketing, we made a video on press relations and their integration into a digital marketing strategy …

For us, press relations should no longer be separated from marketing. They are an integral part of new modes of communication on the web and social networks. On the one hand, you cannot have a corporate and institutional message that is addressed only to the print press and different messages on your blog and with the digital press and influencers.

For us, press relations must have added content. It is not only a question of relaying press releases to the media and influencers but of creating new content: statistics, stories, forums that will interest the media and influencers and allow them to open their columns. .

For us, press relations must be part of regularity. As with all the levers of a digital strategy: blogging, newsletter, social networks, it is necessary to be part of a continuous communication. So you have to communicate constantly, maintain relationships with influencers continuously and not only sequentially when there is new news.

To find out more, I let you discover the video.


If you are interested in this approach, you can also download our white paper on press relations and find this video on the 1:30 minute YouTube channel.

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