Video game consoles are particularly on the rise at the moment, especially with the upcoming releases of Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. To follow the trend and make the buzz, KFC is also launching!


How can a fast food chain break into video games? On June 15, KFC unveiled its first console that allows keep players’ chicken warm.

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This might surprise, but KFC has already taken an interest in e-sport by launching KFC Gaming in 2018. This brand has made it possible to finance events as well as teams, around the game Fortnite or Minecraft for example.

Will this new project thrill gamers?

This is not certain, because it is simply a little prank launched by the brand! But what is certain is that she still managed to make the buzz on social networks.

This teasing video, for example, exceeded 4 million Twitter views in less than a week.