▷ Valentine's Day ideas at home via Pinterest 2021 -

Each year, brands can take advantage of seasonal social media events to reach more consumers like Valentine’s Day. Despite the pandemic, this event is no exception to the rule, and is even very popular, particularly among Generation Z on Pinterest …

Generation Z, main consumers on Pinterest

Hungry for creative and original ideas, consumers, especially Gen Z (users between the ages of 18 and 24), are turning to social media, especially Pinterest, for ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The search for “Valentine’s Day ideas at home” has also almost doubled among Generation Z this year on this social network.

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Also note that 9 out of 10 people use Pinterest to make purchasing decisions. The brands then come to their aid to make their ideas a reality.

To help you better, Pinterest has revealed some key data to use for your marketing campaigns. They will thus allow you to better understand the behavior of consumers and to reach them in their purchasing process.

Creative and original ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

This year, 4 themes should be prioritized on Pinterest to inspire consumers:

Themed baking is one of Gen Z’s favorite menu ideas (8.5 times more searches for “Valentine’s Day Baking”). If you want to come up with some creative and original ideas, why not create some fun recipe video ads?


As in previous years, gift giving jewelry is on the rise (“black pearl necklace” 84x more searches, “pearl necklace design” 106x research);

Interior decorations

This year, flower petals, balloons, garlands and other traditional decoration continue to inspire to decorate his room. But for a change, several decorating ideas are starting to have success for “home movie night” or “indoor picnic” themes.


Compared to last year, searches for “Special Valentine’s Day nail art” have increased 15-fold.