▷ Very nice com 'shot from Nespresso Talents on TikTok 2021 -

Each year, Nespresso Talents rewards amateur short films that will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. For his 6e edition this year, the brand relies on TikTok… What does it give?

Showcase innovation and a creative spirit

This year, Nespresso’s branding strategy turned to Tiktok to engage a wider audience, showcasing innovation and a more disruptive spirit, in an authentic and engaging way. Nespresso Talents invites creators to submit short films shot in vertical format of two to three minutes around a theme on TikTok.

Google Loves Me Workshop

For this year’s annual short film competition, the theme is ‘Doing is everything’. And Nespresso wants to see the TikTok community show its creativity and interpret this theme through the brand hashtag challenge #NespressoTalents.

Participants will have the chance to win exclusive trips to major film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, this year to see their film screened. The winners will also benefit from training with cinema experts and a check for € 50,000.

To further boost the TikTok campaign, Nespresso is now organizing a premium TopView placement in the United Kingdom. So this will be the first video everyone will see when they open the app. There will also be locations in the feed over the next few days.

Tiktok: effective for telling stories

As part of a digital marketing campaign, TikTok can be a very effective element in telling stories to an audience that is not on other platforms. This use of the platform and a branded hashtag challenge by Nespresso is the perfect demonstration of this.

Indeed, while Nespresso is looking for new types of filmmakers to participate in its global competition, its community is already preparing incredible engagement and stories.

Source: TikTok