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Want to get started on Facebook Live? Great ! My advice: be organized and above all plan your actions! In all honesty, before I started on Facebook Live, I was not … uhhh … let’s say … the most organized person there is! This is my creative side …

But I quickly understood that if I wanted to continue this activity professionally and over the long term, I had to organize myself and plan my actions. That’s why I created a ton of checklists, like the “FACEBOOK LIVE CHECKLIST”. This is a list I made to remember nothing before, during and after my Lives.

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I also recently created an e-book called “6-step action plan to launch your Facebook Live show”

The first step is to ask yourself why make Lives. You must have a good reason to launch shows and think about the message and your marketing strategy. Ask yourself how this activity supports your larger business strategy.

Next comes the definition of the concept of the show. To do this, you must answer the following questions: What? For who ? How? ‘Or’ What ? It is during this part that you will define your target audience, the format of your program, the content and the frequency. Keep the same format, be regular and above all realistic in frequency.

After the concept, there is logistics. Choose the material to make your Lives as well as the platform to broadcast live. Do not forget the layout of your office as well as the skins of your Lives.

Now that you have settled all the technical points, you need to think about promoting your Lives. This is an essential step otherwise the efforts you have made so far will not have been of much use. Think of a marketing strategy before, during and after your lives, how you will re-use the video, etc.

Generating traffic must be one of the priorities of your marketing strategy to get started on Facebook Live. Indeed, there are several strategies to generate traffic during your lives or on your website and increase your audience. For example :

  • Generating traffic on your live;
  • Increase your audience;
  • Generating traffic from your lives to your site / services;
  • Conversion funnel;
  • Facebook Ads;
  • Interviews / Guests;
  • “Guest appearances”;
  • Many Chat.

Finally, and last but not least, monetization. You have to be realistic, it’s not only by making lives that you will make a living (at least not right away!). But it is still possible to generate income with lives through sponsorship, mid-rolls or sales.

If all this interests you … and to go further, I launched a course:

“6 weeks to get started on Facebook Live for Business”



I suggest you steal my checklist, the one I use almost every day on my live shows so I don’t forget anything.

You will see what I do before, during and after my Facebook Live. I spent more than a year developing my process. I offer it to you.

My checklist as a gift.

For those who want to go further, I also launched a course:

“6 weeks to get started on Facebook Live for Business”

Get started now on Facebook Live “The time is now” … otherwise your competitors will do it before you!