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I have been a professional copywriter for over 3 years. So necessarily, It makes me happy when I see everyone talking about copywriting right now...

People seem to start to understand that to develop your business (and have a real profitable business), you have to learn to sell.

And it’s nice.

On the other hand, there is one thing that makes me less happy in what I see: this is bullshit that you can read on the web.

Eh yes…

I may be a little harsh when I say that … but it’s the truth.

Everyone claims to know how to sell today, and everyone gives copywriting advice.

The problem ?

Most people have never sold a single product, a single service, in a single theme.

Result? The advice given is mostly phony, mostly aggressive …

And small entrepreneurs and bloggers trying to grow their businesses are hurting their sales by applying them.

The solution: Apply professional advice

Apply professional advice, either:

  1. By buying training worthy of the name from people who know about it for sale;
  2. By rereading the old sales pages of American advertisers of the 80s (who sold for millions in black and white and without Internet tools);
  3. By learning from a professional copywriter.

Everyone does what they want.

The only thing I can tell you is that I just published a new video in which I give you the 7 most important tips I’ve ever learned in my 3 years as a professional copywriter.

These 7 copywriting hacks have allowed me to generate tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of euros for my clients …

And today they are going to help YOU, with YOUR site, and YOUR business.

To watch the video, it’s here:

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