▷ [Vidéo] How to sell your product 1000x more expensive than the competition 2020 -

How do you sell a product when your target market is used to accessing an equivalent (almost) for free? This is the challenge that Perrier faced in the 1970s, when the French company decided to attack the American market. The solution to this problem represents a marketing positioning feat, which has created such additional perceived value to the point that consumers are now ready to pay 1000 times more for water …

How Perrier conquered the American market

This story represents a great case study for the modern web marketer: whether you are selling software, service or training, you can face free or low cost alternatives. Your success then depends on your ability to define a superior positioning for your product.

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If you fail this task and are forced to compete on prices, your margins and profits will quickly melt away. Watch the video to get inspired by the techniques used by Perrier:

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