New: in partnership with Jack and the design, we offer a series of videos to see more clearly in digital communication. For this first issue, we are talking about email marketing. Good practices, implementation of an effective and ROIste strategy, analysis and design of a live commercial emailing …

There are a multitude of marketing levers to increase your visibility and your sales … But the one that lasts and lasts over time is email marketing!

Well worked and targeted it will allow you to increase your ROI!

In this video, you will see:

  1. Defining your goal;
  2. Defining your target;
  3. The implementation of your strategy;
  4. Advice on the subject of your mailing;
  5. The sending timing;
  6. Analysis and optimization and much more!

Watch carefully until the end because beyond the tips, you will also find at the end of the video the creation of an emailing design in Photoshop.

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Let’s go :

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