▷ Video marketing: an effective communication tool 2020 -

You have certainly heard of “content marketing”. The content marketing is to create and distribute quality and relevant content for a targeted audience. In this sense, video is a very effective format to help you gain visibility and notoriety

Different from the text, this medium allows you to communicate with your visitors and prospects in an original way, because many Internet users prefer to watch a video rather than consulting a website. In the Facebook social network alone, for example, more than 4 billion videos are viewed every day *.

Video has thus become one of the most popular communication channels on the net in recent years. And technologically, it is becoming easier to create and post videos on the Internet, hence the democratization of this medium on the web.

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The 5 advantages of video:

1. Attractive visual

Video makes your site more visual and attractive and thus improves its traffic. A user stays on average 20 seconds on a site without video, while with a video, the average time goes to … 5 minutes!

2. Original and concrete

You will get an original presentation of your activity or your new product, which allows your client to get a more concrete idea of ​​your business.

3. Trustworthy

Video improves the confidence of your (future) customers. By presenting your business this way, you are saying a little more than just writing it down. You reassure them as well and they will naturally have the feeling of knowing you better.

4. Easy to share

It can be shared with a simple link in an email, on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), video sharing sites (YouTube), on a tablet to present yourself to a client or even on a large screen in your premises.

5. Optimization of natural referencing

Video improves the referencing of your site, that is to say its positioning on search engines. Note that YouTube is the second search engine after Google and is itself very well referenced in Google.

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Image source: Alexey Boldin / Shutterstock.com