▷ Virtual reality in 2019, what interest for your physical business? 2020 -

First question: Who owns Oculus? Facebook. Correct! And guess who made a noticeable entry a few years ago? Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook…

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A good dealer is one who never touches his merchandise …

Yes, virtual reality is very present and more and more people are concerned about it! By dint of talking about it (yes, this article also participates in it), we realize the potential of this technology.

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This craze is explained by the needs of consumers, always see the product / service better. Still a lot of people don’t trust traders (let alone online sites), and virtual reality is a real asset to show the value of what we offer. This also makes it possible not to deceive customers, to make them realize the size of a product for example …

Obviously, we are in 2019 and the technology keeps advancing. While startups are adopting the latest tools, many traditional shops and businesses prefer the traditional means.

Today, we will see together how to adopt this virtual reality precisely for these traditional businesses, to support them in this new innovation. What impact can it have on your physical store? How much does it cost? Is it easy to use? Let’s go ?

1) The advantages of virtual reality

To start, virtual reality is enough trend, very popular with young people. It’s hard to imagine, but it’s a real selling point.

Amazon for example. Embedding simple videos in certain products has increased their sales to 20-35 year olds.

Secondly, offering VR is a pledge of confidence for the consumer. Also, there is this fun / new side, which makes it more engaging.

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In the case of a physical store, a bakery for example. Offering virtual reality would allow the user to to really immerse in your shop! He could almost smell the bread out of the oven or the butter croissant which is just behind the window…

This differentiator is more and more sought after and you should think about it to grow and become essential!

2) How much does it cost?

Note that there are several “virtual reality”: You have the one where you will be able to see the places in 360 °, and the one where you can literally walk around the store, see the different spaces, etc.

One is more expensive than the other of course but it really depends on your need. What impression to give to the customer? What budget to invest in it? Which is easier to set up?

In the example of 360 ° photos, Google is one of the leaders. It’s not a surprise, the American firm already has a worldwide reputation but also a powerful internal network (Google Maps in particular which receives a lot of traffic every day).

The 360 ​​° photos that Google will take you will be displayed directly on your “Business” page. In this way, customers who are already looking for you will be able to see your premises.

For this type of service, you will have to count between 150 and 200 €. It will include all the necessary 360 ° sockets.

google maps virtual reality

Regarding more complete solutions, the company VIP STUDIO 360 for example, offers prices depending on the size of your business. The price – in the end – depends on the work to be done to create the rendering of your places.

Knowing the price is good, but do you REALLY need it? To find out, ask yourself these little questions:

  • Am I able to allocate a budget for virtual reality?
  • Are my clients demanding this type of innovation? (seniors for example will find no use there)
  • Am I able to take the time to update the photos?
  • Am I able to take the time to properly integrate this breakthrough in my business?

If the majority of the answers to these questions are ” Yes “, so take your momentum and go!

3) What impact on my shop?

Lots of people are looking on their phones, on the street, and they’re not that far from your store. In this sense, reality already brings you more visits to your store.

In the long run, it’s quite beneficial. In fact, the day they really need one of your products / services, the person will know already where to find you.

There is another positive dimension too, that of sales. Who says more visits says more sales. This is the most important indicator for us.

store sales

To improve the visibility of your virtual tour or your 360 ° photos, it is recommended to communicate on it often, to show people that you have this solution and that it is profitable for them.

For this, you can add a button in your email signature, talk about it on your networks, make video demos and post them …

It’s always better to “educate” your audience with new things from your store. They will feel a sense of privilege when they see you keep them posted.

Regarding new people who discover you, mentioning virtual reality allows them to directly identify your store. The main thing is to make the customer simply understand who you are, what you are selling and your precise positioning.


In the end, we see that virtual reality (VR) is an asset in the long term that requires a certain investment.

However, the benefits are very advantageous:

  • More visibility for your establishment on the internet;
  • A better opinion of Internet users;
  • No more physical visits to your business / shop;
  • More sales from it.

Very popular with e-commerce sites, physical stores could also find their account and develop there. Once adopted, virtual reality can help your customers in many aspects and your business will stand out from the rest.