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Hey! The last time, I convinced you (I hope!) To be successful in SEO, before getting cluttered with a heavy tool kit including YOAST and his colleagues, the important thing was to have a good methodology.

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I really would like you to stop taking the lead and free yourself from the technical aspect (Relief!) SEO, it may come at some point in your referral, but that’s not the point.

If Yoast can be useful, it can also be your worst enemy (brrr …).The technical side of SEO is not to be completely banished either but frankly: there is a good chance that today Yoast (and his colleagues AllinOneSEO & co) seriously undermines your efforts to please Google.

A little practice : this article published some time ago on CWT Advertising & co’m: Which degree must you obtain to work into CWT Advertising ! For several years, it has brought me around 500 visitors per month and qualified prospects for the training I give in Paris.

Below, this REAL example with screenshots! This article is well positioned on the term “webmarketing training” and yet if I ask our friend Yoast, TRISTESSE … 10 problems detected by Yoast (seers red!) and an average orange… A little problem?

seo yoast optimization orange light

Another example, this time a super light green (Yep!) A super full box for our chatbots folder but zero visibility on the keyword “chatbot”, well then Yoast you make me a false joy? ; (

seo yoast optimization green light

This is how Yoast can be the WORST enemy of your SEO: it tells you about the lights green everywhere, and you think your content is well referenced? Not at all ! It is invisible on Google or even, in some cases, outright penalized by all these indicators green that our friend Google judged sur-optimized … (and here it’s not good I can tell you!)

So what to do ???

To start, don’t count on Yoast to know if your SEO is successful or not. It’s not him who decides, it’s Google AND… your readers. Yes ! Why ? Here it is: Google likes the content that your readers like. He wants to bring them what they like. So the contents which are positioned well have common points:

  1. They were written for readers and it shows, readers love them and share (Yes!);
  2. They meet a clearly defined need of your target;
  3. They have been optimized on well thought-out keywords answering precisely this need: forget the overly generic keywords which will not bring you qualified visitors, think of your target and its way of doing a search on Google (“mentalist“!)
  4. The optimization points are OK but above all the reader is respected.

How to get there? Find your real good keywords? Optimize your content that Yoast sees green or not ? Without spending hours there or taking the lead on the technical part?

I will soon show you exactly how to do it.

Until then, I’ll give you an appointment for the next episode with the errors who are plaguing your SEO today (and how to neutralize them! hey hey!)

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