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Do you have an SEO content problem? You have invested in web copywriting, but your site cannot take off Google’s SERPs? Maybe I can tell you why. And I also have a solution for you …


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The problem with low-cost writing in 2018

Web writing, a market apart

Low-cost, an average price for average content

Time is money

Low-cost writing, a false solution

The solution: quality texts

Adopt a freelance web editor

How to create conditions for hyper-qualitative content

“Power Pages”, to potentiate incoming links and sharing

The importance of the web writing brief

Ensure on-page SEO level

Include texts in a global web marketing strategy

The problem with low-cost writing in 2018

Sometimes I have clients who ask for a helping hand after wasting too much time with their content strategy.

From the start of the content audit, the observation is final. The texts of their website are there, of a certain length, the keywords are scattered in good proportions. The Hn and meta tags are well implemented. In short, all Yoast tags are green.

However, there is a problem…

The texts on their website are absolutely without relief! They were written far too quickly.

Without any added value, without bringing anything more than the sites of competitors who have reached the top 3 of Google.

And that, unfortunately, is a huge part of the web content produced every day.

You may have seen this statistic pass : In 2017, humanity would have produced more data than in the previous 5000 years.

Low-cost web content is published in astronomical quantities every day.

How to be well referenced in these conditions, if 10, 15 or 20 companies in the same sector of activity had an approach of identical content, even better than yours? And who, for some, has a domain name more famous and older than yours?

How to get backlinks, shares, retain internet users?

How to float in the ocean of content available on the internet?

Impossible ?

Actually not at all. But you have to overhaul the way we think about web copywriting.

Web writing, a market apart

Web Writing is a somewhat special discipline: it requires both a scientific and literary spirit. Another special feature is that anyone can improvise as a web editor and write texts for a website if they wish.

The entry ticket is less demanding than all the other jobs on the web: a priori, you just need to know how to write, to have a computer and an internet connection.

Suddenly, the market is fed by occasional web editors, amateurs, students, people with free time, and who would not say no to additional income.

No problem with that!

A priori, there is no more legitimate web editor than any other. Everyone offers a service, sometimes very good, and someone else decides to call on him / her. Casual web copywriters do their job with a certain talent, for many.

In addition, there has been a strong demand for web writing for a few years (since 2011 and the outbreak of a certain panda, by and large).

So much the better if there are a lot of writers on the market: the constant flow of new talents could even allow raising the overall quality …

For this, prices should not be pulled down, because any writing deserves a decent salary. A salary, above all, which allows you to take the time necessary to write a real quality text.

A salary that values ​​web copywriting.

Low-cost: an average price for average content

It is not so much a person problem as a budget problem: below a certain price, the remuneration does not allow the time needed to design a good text. As good as the web editor is, it’s just not possible.

For example, I happened to write SEO content that I was not proud of. It was a question of budget: at the time, I worked with web writing platforms, and I accepted any mission to gain experience.

I worked for very low rates, which did not allow me to write good content. For a simple reason: it was necessary to write Verry much to arrive at the minimum wage.

So, I agreed to write texts of 500 words for 20 euros, sometimes even for 13, 14 euros. Before contributions. Under these conditions, it is impossible to spend the time that these clients’ websites deserved.

After a while, I became frustrated. I wanted to make quality, but I could not spend 4 hours on a mission paid 15 euros. So, I used expedients: I gathered generic information, without depth. Just enough to tick the boxes for the editorial brief. I could have written much better content for my clients, but it would have taken me more time.

Time is money

To write good SEO optimized content, which goes around the subject (so-called 360 ° content), which fully meets the needs of the Internet user – and a little more -, which generates links, shares, which retains Internet users, with a low bounce rate, with well thought out meta tags to boost CTR, it there is no secret.

It takes time.

Of course, not only: it also takes experience, method, and a little talent sometimes.

But to implement these qualities, you need a minimum of uptime.

This time, it costs more than 3, 4 or 5 euros per 100 words.

The problem is that price breaking has become the norm. Content platforms work with very low remuneration. They know that there are an almost infinite number of web copywriters on the market, willing to work for cheap.

Low-cost content, a false solution

Of course, we can have very good surprises on content platforms. It’s a bit of a lottery: some writers do a remarkable job. But other times, the text delivered will be content with the minimum.

Text produced in a hurry, it will never be a solution for your website.

As good as the rest of the web project is: page architecture, semantic cocoon, upstream content planning, finding the right keywords, calibrating personas, etc.

All these efforts will be sabotaged somewhere if they are based on low-cost texts.

For example, low-cost writing content tends to have a higher bounce rate. Readers arrive at a page, scan it, but don’t remember anything.

Internet users arriving at a new site take 10 seconds to decide whether to stay there.

10 seconds!

If your text was produced at discounted rates, there is a huge risk that the page will fail to grab their attention.

The result is counterproductive for your website: Google measures the signals sent by Internet users, such as the time spent on a page and its bounce rate.

A text that does not retain Internet users is like a micro-penalty for your site.

The solution: quality texts

The solution to relaunch a website? Quality texts.

So of course, it’s more expensive. 2 to 3 times more expensive than low-cost content.

It’s also more complicated: you have to find a good web editor. And put it in condition so that the content is perfectly qualitative and suitable for your site.

It’s longer: it takes time for SEO to spin and your page to slowly climb to the first page of Google results. Sometimes 6 months or more.

The results will not be visible, the ROI will not be measurable in the short term. This is sometimes a problem in certain organizations, where we must present results with metrics, internally, a few weeks apart.

Perhaps also that we will have to publish a large amount of content, too, at a certain cost, in order to develop a semantic cocoon.

It is therefore more complex than a low-cost writing service.

But the low-cost content, it will be much less equipped to take you to the first page of Google, for sure.

Believe me, it’s worth using an experienced web copywriter.

Adopt a freelance web editor

A good freelance web editor is a partner who can support your site in the long term, depending on the missions. That’s why when we find a good one, we call him again.

Choosing your freelance web editor, automatically, eliminates low-cost content writing platforms.

By definition, on these platforms, you never know who writes your text. Your assignment can be dispatched to an editor, in the care of the project manager. Otherwise, if you have not opted for a “premium” text, your offer is published on the platform and picked up by the first interested editor. You have no visibility on the quality of the editor.

Would you delegate all of your customer prospecting to someone you have never seen, with whom you have never spoken? Without knowing what are its strengths, its qualities?

On the other hand, some platforms have a different approach: they make the connection between freelancers and customers. You can study the profiles of the writers and see their average ratings and references.

Connecting platforms is much more convenient for choosing an editor based on his qualities, his experience, his knowledge of your sector of activity.

The other option, of course, is to find freelancers directly through their website, through Google. Or, based on peer recommendations. Word of mouth works very well in web writing.

To select your freelance web editor, you can base yourself on his references, his experience in such a sector of activity, a sample of his texts… Some can put forward convincing results, with several articles which have had excellent performances on Google (although the quality of the text is only one SEO factor among others, of course).

Finally, we can (and we must!) Appeal to beginners, from a test article, or to the feeling: we have to start somewhere!

How to create conditions for hyper-qualitative content

Power Pages, to potentiate backlinks and shares

There are dozens of types of content that can work for your website. However, I’m only going to talk about Power Pages here.

This is a concept from Brian Dean of Backlinko. His site is authoritative in terms of backlinks strategy, the nerve of war in SEO.

Creating content that generates inbound links is difficult to predict because there are a lot of candidates and few are chosen. However, Brian Dean has a formula that potentiates backlinks: Power Page.

A Power Page consists of creating exceptionally qualitative content in order to perform on a keyword. This means very long content (2000 words or more), structured, including some psychological springs who can encourage people to share your text.

Among these sources, we find the following: the usefulness of the content, its length, the easy-to-memorize tips, positive emotions, storytelling …

It’s a very interesting track when it comes to your web content strategy. I reassure you, no need to publish only Power Pages on your site: it would cost a fortune, especially for e-commerce sites.

Power Pages are intended to be your central pages, around which product pages or category pages revolve. They can be combined with the technique of semantic cocoon, which consists in prioritizing your site around a few high-performance pages.

The importance of the web writing brief

To succeed in outsourcing your web copywriting, the brief is fundamental. It can be a formal document, in Word or Google doc; or a brief given orally, by Skype or by phone, or even on your premises, if the freelance writer works nearby.

At the base of the editorial brief, one observation: good communication is essential to ensure the success of the service.

The brief will help you explain in detail what type of content you want, and what your goals are.

An exhaustive web writing brief will save you from having to multiply discussions and corrections throughout the mission.

In the brief, you will be able to explain, as desired:

  • The type of content;
  • The theme addressed;
  • The targeted keyword;
  • The tone to use;
  • The marketing target (your Personas);
  • Goals ;
  • The publication schedule and the deadlines;
  • The general structuring of your site;
  • The on-page SEO rules to apply;
  • Etc.

Don’t be afraid to pass on too much information! A professional web editor will take advantage of them to create content that matches your requirements and objectives.

Ensuring on-page SEO

Everything has been said about on-page SEO: there are many articles on CWT Advertising & co’m explaining how to structure the pages of a site for search engine bots.

Without going into details, a good web writer should know how to apply the rules of on-page SEO to the texts he will deliver to you.

Your texts must include:

  • Hn tags;
  • Keywords;
  • Work on the semantic universe of keywords;
  • Meta-title (70 characters) and meta-description (now 230 characters) tags.

The web editor should also know that the first lines and the first titles of your text have more weight compared to Google bots (and also Internet users). They must therefore get to the heart of the matter and mention the keyword on which the page is optimized.

Include texts in a web marketing strategy

Last advice, it is fundamental to integrate the writing of texts with a more global reflection on the webmarketing of your company.

Publishing content is not an end in itself. Being well referenced on Google either.

Your web strategy must clearly define the objectives of your website: conversion, exposure, branding, authority…

From these objectives, you will be able to set up a long-term content strategy, which will allow you to clearly define the role of each web page and each text.

Beyond web writing, your web marketing is built around several complementary components: SEA, social networks, emailing, etc.

That said, they have one thing in common: they all revolve around your texts.

Indeed, hyper-qualitative texts will allow you to generate shares on social networks, gain subscribers to your newsletter, maximize the conversion of your landing pages during SEA campaigns…

All the more reason to give them the place they deserve!

And you what do you think ?