At the start of each year, Webmasters and e-merchants do like the majority of French men and women: they decide for good resolutions. If quitting smoking or getting back into sport is one of the most popular promises in real life, SEO writing and the desire to write well for the Web are among the most recurring wishes on the web. The only question worth asking is how long will this good resolution take you. So, will web writing be your good resolution for 2016?

This year, I’m learning to write well for the web

Admit it, you’ve already made that promise to yourself. Last year, two years ago, and you are at the start of 2016 back to the same point. You really decided to write well for the web in 2016, this is your good resolution. You have known for a long time that Web copywriting is emerging as one of the most effective tools for working on your sustainability:

  • Referencing with SEO writing;
  • Attractiveness with writing that resembles you (offbeat, humorous, academic tone…);
  • Notoriety with a web editor who appeals to friends of your friends (you certainly know the saying);
  • Marketing strategy with incentive and participatory writing;
  • Transformation rate with impactful writing…

So you’ve made up your mind and you’re going to start writing web writing in 2016. Are you sure?

Write for the Web or earn money, why choose?

If you know that spending time on your content is a necessity, you have other obligations as well that you want to meet. Your supplier offers you a special offer, and you are forced to negotiate and set up a commercial transaction. Serious litigation requires you to spend time finding a solution for your client (or clients). A computer attack has damaged your site, and you need to resolve the problem quickly and therefore take time … So many causes that will undermine this good resolution.

Like last year, you’re going to start the year on a high note. One page rewritten per week, two articles for your blog, well thought-out linking, and your schedule will lead you to have to write your next post in a few minutes, between two calls or between two meetings. You tell yourself that it is not so serious, except that this lack of time prevents you from work your keywords well, check your spelling … So you’re posting content, but you know it’s not what you expected.

Worse still, when the sales arrive, you will collapse under work, and there you may say to yourself:For a month, I will not have time so no articles and no rewriting of pages or writing additional content “. You no longer think about your good resolutions, and web writing becomes an activity to which you devote time when your agenda allows you …

And if 2016 marked a change and the sustainable choice of quality web copywriting

Difficult indeed to hold for a year now SEO writing as a priority in your schedule. Easy to say, but so complicated to make. However, there is a solution that you have already thought about, but without daring to take the plunge: recruit an experienced web writer that will meet your needs. We will explain in a future post how to recruit a good web writer. Search carefully and you will find out who we are talking about… 🙂

So you say yes, it’s a good idea, but it’s expensive. We’re not going to tell you it’s free, but still. The web editor will be able to adapt to your needs. But don’t dream. If you want one article per day on your blog, an animation of social networks (yes a good web editor must also be able to transform into Community Manager), a permanent rewrite of your content and a contribution of new content (the web editor also stands out as a SEO specialist), an ambitious netlinking policy (the web editor likes to practice link fishing), you will need to negotiate effectively.

But you can also start more modestly by entrusting only part of your needs to your external provider. The web editor will then be keen to demonstrate to you the usefulness and effectiveness of his services. You are like Saint Thomas, and you only believe what you see? So let the web editor put on the robe and prove to you that good web writing, it is a cost, but also an investment.

Now all you have to do is take your resolution and take action. So in 2016, how will you be able to fully rely on Web copywriting to live your dreams big?

Image source : Shutterstock