▷ Webinar Growth Hacking: how to boost your digital campaigns thanks to customer reviews? 2020 -

On a daily basis, you manage different levers: SEO, Google Ads, display, emailing, or Facebook Ads…? Don’t miss this 100% digital marketing on-demand webinar, organized by Trustpilot, which will show you the different possible synergies between customer reviews and your traffic acquisition or loyalty campaigns, in order to boost their performance thanks to social proof. . To watch the replay webinar video: click here.

Social proof: a lever that boosts your CTR and your conversions

In (e-) commerce, social proof is a sociology principle according to which an individual will be influenced by the choice of other consumers to choose the right product to buy. This concept is today underestimated by many marketers, and yet, when it is well exploited, it allows to increase the click rate of your campaigns and also the conversion rate of your landing pages or e-commerce sites. . Customer reviews, which are the best social proof online, are regularly used by 9 out of 10 French people when buying online.

If you want to maximize the ROI of your acquisition levers, you will discover during the webinar that there are many possibilities to exploit customer reviews on all traffic acquisition and loyalty channels: SEO, social networks, paid referencing, retargeting, Facebook Ads, SMS campaign… This webinar will be based on concrete examples, easy to duplicate, and will allow you to take stock of the different growth hacking techniques, for each lever, in order to increase them. performance, CTR and conversions. Watch the webinar replay now to know more.

Do not miss this webinar “Digital marketing & customer reviews” available in replay on demand

During this webinar entitled “Using customer reviews in your digital strategy”, you will discover:

  • The concept of social proof: how to take advantage of it with opinions?
  • How to boost the performance of your web marketing campaigns thanks to customer reviews?
  • What growth hacking techniques to apply to improve CTR and conversion?

This webinar was broadcast on 07/18 at 11 a.m., but you can watch it on replay on demand now by clicking on the link below.