▷ WeProov, Image proof to make everyone agree! #StartupDuMois Episode 15 2020 -

Everyone has already rented something at least once in their life. But the rental can quickly become anxious as soon as it is a question of filling the inventory and other rental contracts certifying approximately the state of the rented property. It is on the basis of this observation that WeProov, the application that intends to bring everyone’s agreement, was born …

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3 questions to the startup “WeProov”

Hello Etienne, can you introduce “WeProov” to us?

WeProov is the only application in the world capable of creating, simply and quickly, a visual proof of any property, from apartment to car, generating a secure and indisputable report to make everyone agree when ” a sale, rental, loan, etc.

weproov application

How did the idea for this project come about?

We used to rent goods or lend items! To break away from the anxiety-provoking feeling that sometimes reigned during the transfer of responsibility, we were taking pictures! But these photos had no value and in fact did not protect us at all from possible conflicts! This is why we created WeProov, to make our photos worth something and keep us safe. We created WeProov simply because it is better to prove than to argue!

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

2017 will be an exciting year full of innovations. So far, we have laid the foundations for our deployment with a flexible, functional and intuitive app. We are entering a new phase of development and set out to conquer new professional prospects. WeProov will become an essential application for your Smartphones, just like the calculator or the calendar! We intend to put an end to bad faith ☺.

weproov self report

About WeProov

If you want to know more, take a look at the site: www.weproov.com

Or better yet, download the app, available for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay!

To follow our news, find WeProov on Twitter, and Facebook!

Free grandstand

One of the most convincing trends in recent years has been the collaborative economy! If you haven’t dealt with it yet, it won’t be long because the Airbnb, BlaBlaCar and others are booming. This new kind of economy is an important growth lever for WeProov because sharing is good, but sharing with confidence is better! In this environment in full structuring, WeProov has all the assets becoming essential for anyone who wants to lend, rent, buy, transport in complete safety and to one day become a benchmark player in insurtech. The collaborative economy is based on trust and serenity when sharing, but today we still lack a security label, an exchange guarantee, a certificate of self-confidence: this is the void that WeProov fills.

weproov team