▷ What are the essential tools for community managers today? 2020 -

Being CM means being able to juggle several tasks, social networks and clients. There are essential tools to help community managers. These solutions are numerous and it is sometimes complicated to find your way around and choose the software that best suits your needs. In our opinion, we offer you the essential tools for a community manager today …


1. The tools to know about creating visuals

From essential tools for a community manager, we obviously have the visual creation tools. To create impactful visuals, there is a whole series of effective software and sites. We decided to name only three here, because the list could, of course, be much longer.

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Can go

We no longer present it. You can create visuals in minutes with this free tool (there is also a paid version of the product.) It is a good alternative to Photoshop. You can take inspiration from templates and modify them to suit your communication or start from scratch and create everything yourself.

You can create visuals for social networks, but also brochures, logos, business cards, etc. Let your imagination guide you and discover a graphic talent!


Do you need to make videos for your social networks? Here is a video creation service that can replace Adobe Premiere Pro. You have a free 14-day trial and then you have the choice between several paid plans.

Just like Canva, you have templates at your disposal to create your videos. You can also choose the objective of your achievement to best reach the target.


Crello is a kind of mix between Canva and Animoto. Indeed, it allows you to create visuals, but also animated creations. This format is interesting and catches the eye on social networks.

This tool is free, but you can upgrade to pro to remove the “created in Crello”. Have fun with animated images that will amaze your fans on social networks!

2. The essential tools for account management

When you’re a community manager, you have to know how to bend over backwards between different customer accounts and social networks to be able to publish when you need to. Here is a selection of essential resources for community managers in order to better find our way around. So there is no need here to cite Facebook Business Manager and Tweetdeck which are useful if you only manage one customer.


Buffer is arguably one of the most essential tools for community managers. With Buffer and its easy-to-use interface, you can schedule your posts on different social networks months in advance. You therefore have the possibility of publishing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn via a single platform. You therefore decide whether you want to publish your content immediately or publish it later. Buffer will take care of keeping them and putting them in a kind of queue so that they can be published when the time comes. In addition, there is a Buffer extension that you can install on your browser to make your life even easier.


Hootsuite is quite similar to Buffer, except perhaps in terms of ease of use. Indeed, Hootsuite is less clear than the tool presented above. Here, you can manage your dashboard (or flow) as you see fit. You decide how you organize your flow. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a feed by social network or a feed grouping messages from all your networks.

Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse is an excellent social media management tool. It is certainly one of the most complete on the market. Indeed, it offers many features such as publication planning of course, provides statistics, allows the creation of contests on social networks, etc. You also have access to mentions and private messages in one place.

3. The essential content curation tools

To find inspiration for new content, it is important to keep a good watch and to properly curate its content. For this, here are three essential tools for community managers.


Feedly is a real gold mine to find inspiration for its text content. Indeed, Feedly allows you to bring together in a single place the blogs, sites, media that interest you to have a digest of information every day on the themes you have chosen. It is even possible to create specific categories to be able to distinguish various subjects.

You can find Feedly on your laptop as well as in its mobile application. So you always have the RSS feed aggregator with you to keep up with the latest news.


Buzzsumo allows you to search with a keyword everything that can happen on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The site will thus offer you the most suitable content and the most popular in real time while indicating the rate of shares, engagement as well as the links which bring back to the pages in question. You can also use filters to improve the quality of your search. You have at your disposal a free, but limited version.


Certainly one of the most used tools in terms of content curation, Scoop.It analyzes, through its robots, the web from all angles and offers you its results in a simple form of a real-time journal.

4. The essential tools to organize

Organization is essential for a good community manager. Indeed, moving from one client to another while managing several social networks requires a lot of organization. This is why we present to you three essential solutions for CM to save time every day.

Google Drive

Do we still have to present Google Drive? As the name suggests, it is a service offered by Google to store your images, documents, presentations, etc. in the cloud so you can access it anywhere.

You can thus create documents, presentations, tables on this platform. You can also share your files with colleagues or customers via Google. It’s a simple way to store this information so you can change it whenever you want and wherever you want.


Trello is a kind of online project management tool. You have a table on which you post cards with the tasks to be performed. You thus create “to do”, “achievement” and “done” lists and you drag these cards into the right columns. This allows you to find your way in your work and in your various missions.

You can assign people to these cards so that they can follow the progress of the operation and interact with you. You also have the option of assigning color labels with a certain appointment, deadlines, checklists so you don’t forget anything, etc.


Slack is messaging like Whatsapp or Messenger can be. The difference is that Slack is a more professional communication platform. It’s a kind of chat where you can create specific channels based on your colleagues or the departments you deal with. You will therefore no longer have the wrong recipient.

In addition, Slack integrates applications like Trello, Google Drive, etc. The platform also allows you to make calls, make video calls or share your screen to make your work easier.

5. Tools to find copyright-free visuals

Finally, choosing the right visuals is essential. The image is impactful, and well chosen, it can make all the difference. For that, you have to good tools for community managers. Three must-see sites caught our attention, but there are many more.


Pexels offers a wide range of magnificent photos on free and varied subjects. You can choose your language between English and French, and start your image searches. The photos offered are of very high quality.

Pexels video is a derivative of Pexels, and it offers royalty-free videos. You will be able to find short videos on many themes. The catalog is still a bit limited, but you can find some interesting images to enhance your video creations.


Like Pexels, Unsplah is a platform that offers royalty-free images. Like Pexels, you should do your research in English on this site.


Coverr is a site that provides users with several very good quality videos. The platform suggests themes such as nature, food, people, technology, etc. It is up to you to make your choice !

You now have a variety ofessential tools for community managers at your disposal to better manage your day as a community manager and no longer waste hours juggling different software, accounts, customers, etc.