Do you have a business? Everything is ready and all you need is attract customers. The problem is, you don’t know how to do it … Don’t panic, I’ll give you in this article all the key strategies to easily attract customers …

If you don’t know what I’m doing, I have several blogs that do a lot of visits every day. And to get there, I had to work on lots of marketing techniques.

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We will see the five best techniques for attracting customers.

1) Write an ebook

Speaking of ebook, the first technique is to create an ebook that will play the role ofa calling product. A call product is a product that you will offer for free or not expensive to present what you do, to make yourself known, build a climate of trust and sell bigger products afterwards.

You can for example give the solution to one of the problems in your field. If you’re a doctor, create an ebook on how to cure back pain. You can also create free practical sheets. It’s up to you to see what best fits your field.

2) Make a blog (content marketing)

blog ” width=” 225 ” height=” 225 ” />This will be about blogging and writing articles to attract free customers. It is often said that there are two ways to earn money: either use your time because you have no money, or use your money to invest for lack of time.

Here, we use our time to write articles and attract customers. This is called content marketing. The goal will then be to collect the email of our visitors in exchange for a calling product. This can be the front ebook or free videos, a gift, etc.

Once the email has been collected, you can send your offers to customers interested in your field, because they searched for something on Google and came across your article. You can even automate a pre-written email sequence so that you don’t have to write your emails one by one. Because yes, over time, you will have more and more visitors and will no longer be able to write your emails one by one. For this, you can use an autoresponder like Getresponce for example.

When it comes to content marketing, you can also make YouTube videos or answer questions on different forums in your field.

3) Advertise (Facebook, Google)

Now, if you don’t have the time, but the money, or you just want to attract customers faster than with content marketing, you can use advertising.

There are several platforms that work well for advertising. There are for example Facebook, Google, or even YouTube. The important thing is to try to make people want to in this advertisement. To do this, you will already have to target your audience.

Example: You are in sport. If you target everyone, you will have far fewer customers than if you target people between 16 and 30, who play sports, eat balanced meals, etc. The more you target your audience, the more profitable your ad will be.

4) Social networks

Social networks If you already have a small community, you can use social networks to build loyalty in your community. Indeed, your community will feel closer to you and some people will become loyal customers.

To increase your community, you can organize contests or make affiliation (we will come back to this point in the next technique).

The social networks that work best are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. I advise you to choose two or three maximum to be present in the right way on each one and not on the contrary to be overwhelmed by all your networks and offer poor quality content.

5) Affiliation

Surely you know people on Instagram who have tons of followers and who occasionally show you products. Well, these people have a big community and get paid by other people who don’t have a community to advertise a product.

If you have a product and a little money, try to find the person who could have a community that suits you best and try to offer them a partnership. If you see that you earn more than you spend, it pays off.

You can also do guest articles on other blogs in your field, this will be of service in exchange for community sharing. This is what I am currently doing while writing this article. ?

In summary, there are a number of strategies for attracting customers, and there are many more than the five that I have mentioned here. There is something for everyone, free, paid, partnerships, etc. It’s up to you to choose the ones that best suit you or that best suit your business!