▷ What are the secrets of Social Selling in 2018? 2020 -

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During this episode, we went to meet Didier Castelnau. He is the founder of the Social Selling Club…

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The new definition of Social Selling

The sale has changed: we no longer sell as in 1950. Today, the sale must be personalized.

The human being is at the center of the sale and the social seller (or commercial) must be active, develop a community, share informative, entertaining and educational content.

Social Selling is a buzzword today, hence the number of searches for the term Social Selling has been increasing over the past 5 years.

We went to meet a Social Selling expert to find out more …

What is social selling?

Didier Castelnau clearly insists on the possibility to develop an interpersonal relationship with marketing tools using social networks and the internet at large (example: Google). So this is a new way of looking at the sale. Buyers become autonomous and you have to meet them every day. It is also an approach that evolves with the maturity and autonomy of buyers.

Social Selling is an ecosystem with conversations, not just a directory with recipes. You have to put a face on the people you are going to contact. You build value.

And do you know the latest features of the Linkedin network: video? It is to be used as a medium in a progressive manner. This will require transparency and authenticity to get a message across, but watch out for the bluff.

How to gain visibility on Linkedin?

Discover his first tips for getting started on this platform and the tools he uses on a daily basis to better seize opportunities on this network … If you want to know more, we invite you to listen to the episode.

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