▷ What Characterizes A Geek? 2020 -

In 2016, are you still wondering what a geek is? Well, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory series is a geek! It still doesn’t speak to you …? It is true that this term is quite difficult to define in particular with the evolution of its meaning, but we will nevertheless try to give you a clearer definition of this term as well as its characteristics …

The geek

The geek has long been the target of mockery. Seen as a spotty teenager locked up in his room all day in front of his computer, he was seen as a bizarre, out of the ordinary person who did not fit in with others.

Nowadays, these characteristics have changed a lot. Today he is defined as being passionate about one or more fields. These passions are generally related to science, technology, computers, or video games.

The geek is cultivated

The geek likes to deepen his knowledge and develop his favorite interests. This is what makes it unique. For example, a geek who is addicted to computers and new technologies will directly turn to everything related to operating systems, the latest software, and new gadgets on the market. He will know how to master them and speak about them better than anyone, and it is by pushing his knowledge to its climax that he will become an expert in the matter.

This is why he is ultimately defined as a “lover” of computers and new technologies. Indeed, when the passion is too big, too consuming, he may even neglect his social life.

The geek is social

The geek is a social and socialized person, despite the tough prejudices that surround the myth of the geek. He likes to meet with other followers to exchange and learn more. For example, in big cities, he may have the opportunity to meet other geeks who have a crush on role-playing games, free software or even imaginary universes.

Events or cafes have been specially designed for them. Also, virtual forums are great supports for geeks to communicate with each other.

In recent years, several geek-type characters have entered the world of popular culture. This is among others the case of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, Spencer Reid in Criminal minds and the 3 young protagonists of the summer series on Netflix: Stranger things.

Geek teen

The geek at work

The geek will tend to combine work and cute sin. He will demonstrate ease in so-called “artistic” professions as in the web professions as a computer graphics designer, or even as a designer of video games. In the more conventional job market, his thirst for knowledge will make him a real specialist you can turn to when the time comes to try to improve the productivity of your business. For example, a geek employee passionate about computer programs will be happy to help you choose the right software to facilitate the accounting and management of your business.

Obviously, this is not a rule that applies to all geeks, you can also find a server geek in a cafe, but that does not prevent geeks from being valued colleagues of their colleagues when any problem arises at the level of computer programs or the deficient functioning of one or more technologies.

They become somehow amateur technicians who will often allow you to save a few pennies that would otherwise have been spent on a service call to an IT specialist.

Revenge of the geek

Finally, the figure of the geek is now well integrated into society and fully assumed. Once considered an anti-social being and lonely, the geek has now become an important figure in popular culture and an actor much appreciated by his colleagues in the workplace.

Formerly isolated from his colleagues, the geek has now become an asset for any manager of a company who can rely on his knowledge of new technologies to help the company out in the event of a minor glitch, or even to offer innovative avenues to grow your business.

The geek is not necessarily a man, the woman geek is designated as a “geek”, although it is becoming more rare. The geek community was one of the communities where women were most welcomed and socially integrated: one need only think of Jade Raymond, producer emeritus of video games who enjoys an almost mythical reputation in the community geek.

Geek Romance

The new geek

The term “geek” has evolved with the times and nowadays, it can be said without mistake that the status of geek has won acclaim in popular culture. We are therefore very far from the formerly negative connotation associated with this term.

It is to be expected that with the constant arrival of new technologies and new forms of artificial intelligence, the geek phenomenon will not stop gaining followers!