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Today, I suggest you test a monitoring tool that will allow you to analyze your brand and the impact of your communication actions: Brandwatch. It will allow you to have a complete view of your mentions and to set up dashboards to monitor your brand and your campaigns. Let’s see it together …

Test Brandwatch

Organize your watch

The tool allows you to organize your watch and dashboard as you wish. You can use templates (follow a brand or a campaign) or customize the data to display as you see fit:

organize brandwatch watch

As part of this article, I’m going to test brand analysis with you. To operate the tool is based on queries, the first time, you can use the wizard to help you create them. You just have to answer a series of questions.

brand analysis

Fill in the name of your brand, your products … and depending on the answers, this will generate a request that you can save for your project.

Once your query is created, you continue to be guided step by step in creating your dashboard. And once you have answered all the questions (5/10 minutes top time), you access your watch dashboard.

I remind you that I opted to follow a brand in my example, but I could very well follow a campaign in the same way (moreover I will show you later, how Publicis used BrandWatch as part of its Maurice Lévy’s annual greeting campaign).

ereputation dashboard

Right now, I have the most important information, but everything is customizable and you will see, the options are numerous.

On the first screen, you see your mentions and their evolution over time. You can click on a peak to see the corresponding mentions and at the same time better understand these peaks. example:

studies mention twitter

Here I realize that our 5 steps article to set up an international community management strategy has generated a peak of notoriety.

The dashboard, also tells me the terms most used during mentions:

e-reputation cloud tags

In our case, we find the subjects related to the articles published during the period.

I can also appreciate the tone of the messages (neutral, positive, negative) and find, of course, the messages in question. Convenient to thank positive messages and respond to negative messages to thwart a possible bad buzz.

Then I have the rankings of the most popular topics, hashtags and most mentioned accounts:

popular topics ranking

Ideal to orient its editorial strategy accordingly.

In the same way, I will be able to find the sites, Twitter accounts and others that mention us.

And the influencers:

influencers fallout analysis

This first “Overview” tab gives you, as the name suggests, a quick and efficient overview of what is being said about your brand. You can also filter the data to have a view on a specific aspect, for example a filter taking into account only Twitter mentions.

twitter mentions filter tool

In addition to the overview, by default, you will have two other tabs:

  • “Content Performance” which will help you analyze the impact of your content.
  • “Mentions & Search” which will give you all your mentions as well as tools to search among them.

Test Brandwatch

Analyze the performance of its content

Producing content takes time! To maximize the ROI of its content, it is essential to monitor their performance. BrandWatch will help you analyze your best performing content to bring out best practices and use it to guide your editorial strategy.

You will be able to discover:

You can also add custom reports to this tab, but we won’t see that later.

content performance analysis

Analyze the mentions made on its brand

The third tab allows you to see all the mentions made on your brand. You have endless possibilities of filtering.

For my case, I started by excluding our Twitter account, to keep only the mentions of other twittos. Interesting, Brandwatch offers an “Impact” indicator, a score out of 100 which indicates the impact of the mention (basically the more influential the person who mentions you the closer their score will be to 100), so I tested a filtering at beyond 50 to see the mentions of the most influential accounts. If I wanted, I could also go into detail by filtering people with more than X followers or likes … I also filtered by language, French.

You also have filters by sentiment, type of mention, gender, interest, visits to sites, category…

Once I have my results, I can add tags or categories to rank the mentions for a more organized analysis behind:

tag category watch

Personalized analyzes

The analyzes I just showed you are just a small sample of what Brandwatch can do, everything is fully customizable. You can add tabs to your dashboard with different analyzes as needed. Forty reports are available to you to set up the dashboard of your dreams.

custom analysis watch tool

Note that an analysis of emojis has been added recently, it allows a better understanding of the content of the messages. Indeed, emojis are a great way to understand the feeling of messages posted on social networks. In practice this gives this:

emoticon analysis

nice 🙂

Practical case: Publicis Groupe

Before concluding, I went through the BrandWatch and Publicis Groupe client cases that seemed interesting to me. Here Publicis did not analyze its brand but the results of the mentions of its campaign “The Skippable Wishes” for the wishes of the new year.

practical case watch tool publicis

Each year, a major campaign around wishes is launched, thanks to Brandwatch Publicis was able to analyze the fallout from the campaign in detail and compare it to that of the previous campaign.

They were able to analyze the reach, the volume of mentions per hour, the impact of influencers and much more. Brandwatch did a great case study of over 15 pages showing the value of spinoff analysis, I highly recommend reading it. To download the case study, go here!

publicis influencer analysis

To conclude

Brandwatch is a very powerful tool for analyzing awareness, e-reputation and campaign impact. I appreciated its 100% customizable dimension thanks to which it can meet the needs of any type of structure. It may require a learning effort for the most in-depth analyzes, but will also allow everyone to generate ultra-detailed reports without any prior knowledge. It is therefore a strength because it adapts to all levels of requirement.

To get an idea, I invite you to request a demonstration of the tool by going to the site and completing the form.

Click here to request your demo and learn more

Article written in collaboration with Brandwatch.