▷ What entrepreneur are you? 2020 -

In this article, you have the opportunity to find out what type of entrepreneur you belong to, that is to say which area you would prefer to focus on in your managerial approach! On a daily basis and among my clients, I have observed that most managers / entrepreneurs were not really aware of their particular and personal way of approaching the company as a whole. The problem is that natural belonging to one or the other of the 4 main types of managers is likely to lead to a large number of imbalances, in turn causing several dysfunctions and questioning …

The infernal spiral risks insidiously engaging in this way:

  • The company is not performing as expected;
  • It feels (just) going around in circles without really advancing;
  • Doubts arise without warning!
  • Confidence is shaken on both sides, in you, but also among your associates, collaborators, employees, investors, customers …;
  • We are looking for a manager, we wonder whose fault is it? etc.

In reality, there is always a host of reasons that contribute to the disruption of the system. However, a balanced approach between the 4 types of entrepreneurs often makes it possible to see the problems coming and therefore to address them. to anticipate.

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So what are these 4 typical leadership profiles?

No doubt, will you recognize yourself through these businessmen or women who are rather:

Marketing oriented

Strong points :Marketing man

  • They are amazing people who can sell and sell themselves;
  • They are experts in sales and customer acquisition strategies;
  • Selling an idea, a product or a service goes without saying for them;
  • These people have the art of presenting their product or service in an irresistible way.

Weak points :

Customer oriented

Woman phoneStrong points :

  • They are often very talented and warm people focused on face-to-face who communicate easily;
  • They know how to give customers a voice as well as being attentive to them;
  • These people get excellent word-of-mouth.

Weak points :

  • They find it very difficult to sell themselves. They often have disagreements with marketing and fail to add volume and growth to their business;
  • Their products or services are relegated to the background and therefore more or less neglected;
  • The numbers put them off and they prefer to feel the trend through contact with customers rather than reading figures that do not speak to them at all and that are scary!

Product oriented

Strong points :Arc welding man

  • These men or women are incredibly inventive and creative;
  • They are generally great perfectionists;
  • In fact, their products are efficient and the details are taken care of as well as the design;
  • These people are constantly having new ideas in mind to add additional functionality to their product, thinking it will appeal to their customers!

Weak points :

  • These people are obsessed with their product, which is never finished. There is therefore no question of showing it and even less of putting it on sale. The launch is postponed until later…; customers are not part of the tests!
  • It is the customers who will have to adapt to the product … or not!
  • The figures do not have to be since anyway, the product is not ready. They’re stressful anyway.

Number oriented

Strong points :iPad figures

  • The accounts are kept to perfection and provide concrete food for thought;
  • The short, medium and long term projections are done brilliantly;
  • The plotted curves allow analyzes and an instant view of the situation;
  • Budgets are distributed and controlled to the nearest penny.

Weak points :

  • Sales and sales techniques come down to numbers, but nothing is in place to change those numbers. We are struggling to make the figures speak at the expense of marketing strategies that we leave to others to put in place;
  • Customers are only providers of numbers;
  • The company’s products or services are left to the care of engineers and / or production, provided that they do not degrade the results … quantified! We hope to find growth in diligent reading of the figures!

Harmonize – create balance

I barely enlarged the line in order to highlight the qualities as well as the foreseeable deficiencies and potential damage. Of course, you have already understood where I was coming from.

The need for harmony is sometimes sorely felt. Looking into the 3 directions that are foreign to you is essential and even urgent very probably …

The search for a scholarly balance between the 4 types of entrepreneurs or managers will be a determining factor for the prosperity of your business as much as for its sustainability.

Let’s sum

Whatever your talents or your natural inclinations, Marketing, Customers, Product or Figures, you cannot ignore the other fields!

First, you need to understand what type of leader or entrepreneur you are, without judging yourself and without feeling guilty. Everyone is as he is, with his qualities and … lots of qualities that he does not have … but is not it all our lot in fact? Once again, what will allow you to grow is just to get to know yourself better and anticipate the downward curve!

In a second step, it would be greatly beneficial for you to actively start cultivating the other 3 orientations. I hope that reading my comparative analysis has convinced you.

Just to put your ear to the word, do you know there is a 5th entrepreneurial type that is becoming more and more important in the world of management?

What kind of manager can there be?

I’ll let you think about it…

But I will have the opportunity to talk about it in a future article here.

* Decision indicators

For now and finally, I would like to clarify what I call the decision indicators. This is really an essential point which concludes this article wonderfully!

I consider that there are 2 kinds of indicators: illusory indicators and decision indicators.

What I qualify illusionary are numbers that indicate results at a time T, but say nothing about what is really going on background.

Basically, you know where you are, but you have no idea why or how.

We know of hundreds of examples of companies whose sales are going up, up… so we have the feeling that everything is fine!

Then, abruptly, the numbers go down and go down again. And no one knows exactly why.

In this regard, it is always astonishing to hear speculation… er how to say? – Frankly “whimsical” and often taken as cash… although totally hypothetical! – Are we serious?

However, decision indicators give you real-time insights into the reasons for success or failure.

Let’s take an example :

Let’s say you’ve launched a new social network or something. And, your marketing being well done, here that the number of registrations skyrockets! Everyone is looking forward … maybe a little quickly!
No, no, I’m not a spoiler at all. I am just curious and very interested in the behavior of the people who signed up, so your customers.

I will only ask you one question:

How can you find out what proportion of your registered customers actually USES your network?

If you have 1000 registrants – which is not bad for a start – and only 4% of users, your network actually comes down to just 40 active people! Misery.

The misery, because if so few people use your new social network, the number of users will not take long to skyrocket, but down this time.

Because if I subscribe to your network and I do not find many people there, I would quickly go to look elsewhere … and the others too for the same reason!

I will not be long in saying more about this fascinating question of decision indicators!