Satisfactory videos, you know? These little videos based on the principle of repetition are all the rage on YouTube and Instagram. Millennials are crazy about it! Yoplait decided to play on this trend to make the buzz …


Hypnotic videos…

If in some people, satisfactory videos are very stressful, in most people, especially millennials, they are hypnotic and allow you to feel good, relaxed, relaxed.

Trainer training

In English “oddly satisfying video”, they present repetitive scenes or actions to which the human mind is naturally attracted. This repetitive, symmetrical, mastered side, with perfectly millimeter scenes, would thus respond to our desire for perfection.

The viral potential of satisfying videos

Attracted by their viral potential, brands have no hesitation in launching themselves like McDonald’s last year, or even recently Yoplait.

Yoplait has indeed relayed 5 satisfactory videos on Instagram to present the different flavors of its yogurts. A trend with great potential to exploit for its digital campaigns!

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