We live in a great time. Technology is everywhere and assists us in an ever more impressive variety of tasks. In business, the time saved thanks to new technologies is counted in hours. Every day. But, unfortunately, the digital shift isn’t all good. By constantly using machines as interfaces, we have let humans lose their central place in our businesses. So, in 2019, why not take the resolution to put him back at the heart of the business?

Since the early 2000s, human relationships in business have evolved. Gone are the days when you crossed the halls to ask a colleague for a service. Now this is done by email. At best, by phone. And we lost the link to operate like this. To satisfy our need for immediacy, we sometimes get as cold as machines. In our relationships with people who nevertheless have the same values ​​as us, work to fulfill the same objectives.

Yet, and we all know, we work better with real and motivating human relationships. Human has the power to pull us up, not technology. Technology is simply a means to achieve our goals. Together.

Human, bearer of (added) value

To put the Human at the heart of the business, we must not lose sight of what brings us together. What is the corporate identity of your company? Its added value? His core business? The values ​​you wear? Your employees and colleagues have this in common. You have to find yourself around this base and remember that without it, the business is nothing.

Digital must remain a tool at the service of Human

But putting people back in the middle of the business doesn’t mean giving up on technology or putting it aside. No, it’s about using it for humans. As a business development and marketing consultant, I would be hard pressed to do without new technologies. It’s even my core business! But I remain aware that, if digital is a facilitator for making contact, it cannot replace a friendly exchange face to face. Whether with your colleagues and employees or with a future client or partner.

Also, I am convinced that people must remain at the heart of all of the company’s strategies. Yes, even digital and social selling strategies. Because it is in exchange that we grow, that we forge our experiences and then our expertise.

How to put the Human at the heart of the business?

But then, concretely, how to go about placing the Human at the heart of the business? The key word is “exchange”. Focus on face-to-face interactions as much as possible. But also, in our digital exchanges, counter our need for immediacy and remember that, on the other side of the screen, there is a person and a sensitivity. Let us be kind and we will be human.

Regular and efficient meetings where everyone’s opinion counts

Nothing is better than organizing regular meetings to enhance live communication. But, beware, there are meetings where the Human is forgotten. So make sure everyone’s opinion can be heard. Each member of the team should know that their voice counts, that their expertise is useful. You will see that mobilizing all energies will help you reach your goals. As the saying goes: “Alone we go faster, together we go further”.

Visualize and value successes

During these meetings, but also other exchanges in reduced numbers, it is important to visualize and value the successes. Visualizing means that you will show your confidence in the ability of your employees and your colleagues to reach a set goal. Once this objective has been reached, success must be valued by congratulating its stakeholders. And do not hesitate to take stock of the qualities and actions that made it possible to achieve this objective, so that it can be replicated.

This will mobilize your teams and motivate them to continue working together to carry the values ​​of the company.