CyberCité is organizing 2 days of BIG SEO webinars on January 19 and 20, 2021. 2 days not to be missed! SEO is the main source of traffic, it is also one of the most profitable marketing levers. Announced dead every January 1, but always in the lead the following December 31, his budget too often remains the most modest, when it is not simply sacrificed or inadvertently forgotten.

While this is not a new source of audience, SEO remains confined, among large advertisers, to budgets and roles well below its value and economic potential.

SEO is constantly changing, and will undoubtedly still have the best performance in 2021!

Content and linking, each summed up in one word, present variety and real complexity, and yet these are the two levers that are the main fuels of a successful SEO strategy. While mastering them remains complex, developing their practices remains a major challenge so as not to be overtaken by competitors, or not Google itself.

Don’t get passed, don’t get beaten.

Yes, SEO is not a beauty contest, SEO is a combat sport.

Fight against competitors who gain positions every time you lose them.

SEO being a zero sum game, anything that gets won is at the expense of other players, and in a way at the expense of Google.

In this game, we must take the maximum, without compensation: multi displays, top positions, visibility, traffic etc.

To answer all your questions about SEO, CyberCité is organizing January 19 and 20, 2021 2 BIG SEO days !

For two days, SEO will be in the spotlight.

15 webinars will be held and will be hosted by the best experts in the market, on all major SEO topics: content and linking strategy, technical SEO, Web Core Vitals, site redesign, SEO-friendly CMS …

Conferences will also be offered around Data-SEO and Analytics, because measuring your SEO performance and having the right KPIs is essential. You will also have conferences around SEO / SEA / Media convergence.

The economic question of SEO will be addressed through feedback from customers and concrete cases illustrated by their ROI. SEO performance will also be analyzed through its profitability and costs. How much does SEO make? How much does it cost ? These questions often remain unclear and limited to limited experiences among advertisers.

Recognized experts will speak on these webinars: Oliver Andrieu (Abondance), Stéphane Rios from Fasterize, Semrush, and of course, CyberCité experts.

In summary !

Why Big Seo?

To discover and implement the most successful & innovative SEO strategies and techniques, and reconnect with strong and profitable digital growth.

To discover customer experiences and diversified technical expertise.

For who ?

BIG SEO is a two-day cycle of webinars around SEO and audience strategies for Marketing, Communication and Digital Departments.

For E-merchants, retailers, international groups, BtoB advertisers etc.


Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 January 2021

From 10.00 to 17.00

To see the full program and to register, follow this link:

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Article written in collaboration with CyberCité