▷ What if the lock screen of smartphones becomes an innovative advertising medium while benefiting the user #StartupDuMois Episode 11 2020 -

For this 11th number (already) of the startup of the month, you voted for Swiper, an application that intends to revolutionize mobile advertising by offering innovative media support: the lock screen. Success seems to be there for this young startup who is already planning a second fundraiser by summer. Let’s discover together this new nugget of French startups…

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3 questions to the startup “Swiper”

Hello William, can you introduce “Swiper” to us?

Swiper is the startup that offers advertisers an ultra innovative advertising medium: the smartphone lock screen!

The principle is simple : the user receives ads on their lock screen every day. If it swipes to the right, it unlocks its phone normally. If it swipes to the left, it accesses the content of the offer. Each time, he accumulates points which he can spend at the end of the month in our partner shop (gift cards, promo codes, etc.)

Our goal is to reconcile the consumer with advertising : with Swiper, advertising is targeted and geolocated. It is no longer intrusive and does not disturb the mobile experience. We have just exceeded 80,000 users on the application in just 8 months, with an average of 2,000 installations per day over the past month!

Our support is also very attractive to advertisers: the smartphone lock screen is the most viewed screen of the day (on average 200 times a day!). Many brands have already trusted us for their display campaigns: La Redoute, Bonduelle, Daunat, Foodora, Pumpkin, Bouygues Télécom, etc.

Download the media kit to advertise on the Swiper network

How did the idea for this project come about?

It was during a trip to South Korea that I discovered an application similar to Swiper. I learned that it had gathered more than 6 million users in 3 months, and I immediately thought of importing this concept into Europe. I had a long-standing project to create a startup with my friend Damien Authier: we started working on Swiper as soon as I returned from Korea, two years ago now!

What are the news / news from your startup in the coming months?

We are implementing many advertising campaigns for this summer! We are also looking to diversify our store offer to meet all the demands of our audience.

We are finally planning a second fundraiser for the summer of 2016. The goal? Increase our communication budget, continue to enlarge the team, and above all change premises (at 7 in 25m2, we start to feel tight …).

About Swiper

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A word from Swiper

Although the mobile advertising market is booming, advertising remains poor for the advertiser and poorly perceived by the consumer.

The reasons ?

Classic advertising methods have been transferred from the Internet to the mobile without adaptation at the support level. The mobile is polluted by full pages, by advertising formats with misplaced crosses that force the consumer to click on the advertisement, and by banners that hinder navigation on the internet or on the mobile application.

Advertisers understand the challenge of communicating on mobile, but do not have an effective means available to them to do so. As proof, despite the fact that the mobile has surpassed the computer in terms of use, mobile investments still represent only 23% of digital investment.

The mobile is a smaller media medium than the computer and has a more personal dimension : Current advertising is seen as intrusive and often annoying for phone use. Mobile users do not find their account: according to a Numbate study of June 2014, 87% of smartphone owners find mobile advertising annoying and 62% consider themselves too exposed to mobile advertising.

However, it was noted that in 2014, 58% of smartphone users were ready to receive advertisements on their phone for a consideration, including 72% of 18-24 year olds. (Source: Our Mobile Planet).

By providing our users with a remunerative, visible, interactive and non-disturbing support, we want to support the advertiser towards better mobile communication while strengthening its sympathy capital and the acquisition of its potential customers.