▷ What if the promotional pen was your new weapon for building loyalty and prospecting? 2020 -

In an ever more “digitalized” world, object communication finds its letters of nobility. Used to receiving emails, ebooks and other digital gifts, prospects and customers no longer pay attention. Pens and other promotional items can set you apart at a lower cost, so why deprive yourself? Focus on the advantages of this type of communication.

Always at hand, the promotional pen once given remains on the workspace of the person to whom you gave it. A good way to keep your brand in mind.

Among the other advantages we will find:

For our part, we do this as part of our training where we distribute at the start of the session a kit with notebook, pen and treats. But the opportunities can be many:

  • At fairs, conferences, training;
  • At the point of sale;
  • In a letter, to improve its openness;
  • At the end of the year to animate its network of customers

However, pay attention to the quality of your advertising objects, whether it be a pen or other. Still according to the 2FCO study:

  • Good quality goodies allow you to get 69% good opinions about the company;
  • Whereas poor quality goodies generate 47% bad opinions.

Advertising items also allow you to mark your originality or to surf the events of the year and other chestnut trees. Example, in a little kitsch but fun, you have this bright pen with the football pattern which can make you bounce on the women’s world cup of football.

Do not hesitate to use the important moments of the year to work on your object communication.

And you, do you use this type of communication? What are your returns? ”

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What if the promotional pen was your new weapon for building loyalty and prospecting? via @webmarketingcom