▷ What if wage portage was THE solution to launch your business? 2020 -
Today, we are witnessing profound changes in
approach to work. Less and less desired, employees are increasingly disappointing
more ! The new generations (but not only) dream of independence, of fulfillment
professional, and business development in line with their objectives of
life… There are many reasons to start, but the trend is there: starting your own business becomes
.According to a study, over a 5-year horizon, 14% of employed workers plan to become “self-employed, freelance, self-employed”, an increase of 9 points (Source LCI: Demain tous Freelances).

Training & Co'm

If the arrival of millennials, capable of self-education and eager for independence, explains part of this trend, we should not stop at this generation.

It’s a movement
much deeper.

All generations are now looking for more
freedom, independence, and geographic mobility.

How many Parisians wish to export to the provinces … Without
talk about the famous digital nomads dreaming of working anywhere
where they are in the world!

Freelancing, micro-entrepreneur status, entrepreneurship
classic and wage portage are on the rise.

And companies also follow since their needs
outsourcing are fulfilled by this trend.

Yes but here it is via a micro-enterprise or a
classic business (SARL, EURL, etc.), when we start out concretely, we
encounter difficulties…

… Administrative procedures to create a business,
accounting, reduced social protection… Some people come to regret the
good old wage earners?

This is where the
wage portage can be a good compromise
to gain independence
without having the disadvantages of setting up and running a business.

The advantages of wage portage

When we are in counseling (SEO, community manager, webmarketer
or consultants from all fields
), the wage portage is particularly
well adapted.

Some of the advantages include:

  1. A protection :
    social security, unemployment insurance and even mutual insurance are included;
  2. A management
    : You are freed from administrative, legal tasks,
    accounting, social or tax related to your activity;
  3. Theabsence
    risk taking
    : you don’t have to start your own business: no
    creation costs or administrative heaviness at start-up;
  4. A freedom :
    you keep direct contact with your customers and negotiate the rates and
    terms of your benefits as you see fit.

Note that if your activity contains training services, some wage portage companies have a training activity number allowing you to get rid of the creation of a training organization. This is the case, for example, with Portageo, a wage portage company that offers this type of service.

And after, how much does it cost?

Wage portage providers generally take
a percentage on your figure
The percentage decreases according to the level of your turnover.
It usually starts around 10% and goes down to 5/6% when you
exceed the 100,000 € turnover then at 3% from 200,000 €.

By comparing with the various management and
accounting that you would have with the creation of a classic business, we think about it seriously. Mostly
with the freedom and the advantages that wage portage brings.

And you, do you
part of people wishing to embark on independence? For
what solution do you plan to choose for your activity? Tell us
everything via comments.