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At a time when 55% of the world’s population is surfing the internet, the Digital Marketing is more than ever a key factor for business development. It covers all kinds of areas, and uses many levers. One of these,inbound marketing, aims in particular to attract visitors, prospects and customers within communities, which will develop the audience and the visibility of a brand …

this community of users is not always very calm and elegant, and
Unfortunately, sometimes it needs to be called to order. In addition, his
interest must be maintained continuously, at a time when one is touching a
web content literally a few minutes or even seconds before moving on

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It is among other things to fulfill these two functions that the community manager (or CM). However, as with hunters, there are good and bad CMs. Let’s see what it’s all about.

What is a community manager?

As we have just seen, CM is a person responsible by brands and companies for animating, moderating and entertaining communities on various networks, sites and Internet media. ” Community Manager “Means community manager, the name speaks for itself.

can for example animate a page on social networks by managing
publications, responding to comments from followers, etc. But it can also
create content, do competitive intelligence, analyze and optimize
community engagement … This is a position with multiple hats. It is
one of the characteristics of a good CM: having many
caps, and if possible the right ones.

What is a GOOD community manager?

Community manager is a complete profession, requiring many human qualities and knowledge, especially technical. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some qualities and characteristics of a good community manager.

Human and personal qualities

First of all, and this is what can, in short, synthesize the very nature of the role of CM, this function requires extreme versatility. The good community manager must be able to face many prerogatives and missions, of very different natures. It is therefore constantly necessary to develop new skills, and to adapt the old ones to the frequent evolutions of the digital.

curiosity is the logical counterpart to versatility. The correct CM must show a
natural and sincere curiosity towards all new tasks, functions and
ways to understand its mission. He must also be passionate about his job,
fraught with responsibilities and requiring great adaptability. Without curiosity
necessary to constantly want to progress and learn, difficult to become
a good CM.

community manager is also a moderator. He must therefore show
composure, diplomacy and a sense of conciliation, to react to
sometimes muscular or angry interventions by members of the community.

A great sense of organization must also be present at the CM. The mission requires very regular interventions, over very wide and varied time slots. Without good organization, a CM can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by their tasks, especially since many of them they require a regular metronome.

a good command of the French language and spelling is necessary
for any self-respecting CM. The community manager, as its name suggests,
is very often called upon to discuss with his community. Therefore, also
both for his credibility and that of his employer, he must write
cleanly and flawlessly, in order to be taken seriously.

Technical knowledge

A voucher Community Manager must have, or acquire, a fairly substantial technical background. The nature of its mission leads it to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, able to master many tools to carry out its task.

It starts with the management of KPIs, or key performance indicators. The CM must not navigate blindly: he must be sufficiently comfortable with the data and statistics to analyze precisely and in a quantified manner the impact of his action on precise variables, such as engagement, number I like, the bounce rate…

It is the responsibility of the CM to define the objectives of its actions upstream, and to test the effectiveness of its work using indicators to see if the objectives are achieved, and if not, why and how to remedy them.

In addition to this marketing management through knowledge and monitoring of KPIs, the CM must be able to use a large number of external IT tools to best accomplish its mission. We can for example quote Hootsuite, Swello, SEMrush, Adobe Photoshop… The good community manager must surround himself with the best tools to effectively perform his many tasks, such as analyzing keywords, creating infographics, automating his publications …

As much
missions that require the appropriation of various tools, for a community
successful management.

A excellent CM must also know how to manage Facebook advertising. As the organic reach is becoming weaker, social ads is an important lever that can be managed by the CM. He must therefore know how to create and target audiences, make A / B tests on his advertisements, in short, optimize his budget, for maximum impact at the best cost.

Finally, the good CM must also be a good SEO. Being regular, writing well and engaging with your community are good things, but doing so by posting SEO optimized content is even better. Might as well put the odds on its side to gain visibility, right?

Other assets of CM

and responsiveness are some of the qualities of a good community manager, in particular
vis-à-vis the competition. Creativity allows it to stand out from the pages
competitors, who often tend to use the same strings. The
reactivity is necessary to quickly counter or lessen the effect of a bad
buzz, which would damage the image of his employer.

The good CM must also be able to respect an editorial line. He can himself be the sole initiator, or determine it jointly with other persons; in any case, he must be able to adopt a coherent publication strategy, in accordance with the values ​​and objectives of his brand. Disperse and offer completely heterogeneous content, without any visibility or guidelines, is certainly not the guarantee of a very good community management.

Obviously, the community manager must know social networks at the tip of their fingers. He must master all the workings, know how to make the most of it, both through his publications and his settings, and be aware of the latest trends and specifics of each network. Social networks now offer so many possibilities that there are now social media managers, who only manage communities on social media. Any CM would have to master the subject very strongly anyway to hope to shine in this position.

A good CM must be able to create commitment and to rely on his community to help him accomplish his task. For this, it can create surveys or studies, encourage to give opinions or comments, or even why not call on members to create content for its brand. Nothing like it to increase community engagement, and even discover ideas for inexpensive content.

Speaking of contents, even if it is a task separate from that of community management, the CM may have to offer content, whether text or graphics. Know how to write a good article or create a beautiful infographic are obviously the most undeniable, which distinguish the excellent CM from those… less excellent we will say.

The essence of community management

In summary, we can say that the first quality of a community manager is versatility. The good community manager is a man or a woman (rather a woman from elsewhere, since 66% of CM in England are women, according to hellowork.io) curious and passionate, who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves to learn multiple skills, master many tools, and wear very diverse caps. Contrary to appearances, being a good community manager is therefore no easy task!

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