Be a good community manager freelance cannot be improvised. In fact, knowing how to connect to social networks is not enough to animate and grow communities. It takes a number of qualities and skills to excel in community management. And even more so as an independent, since you have to sell yourself. Here are some tips on whether you are on your way to becoming a successful freelance community manager !

A good freelance community manager follows a strategy

The basis of a successful community managementis a community manager who follows a social media strategy. It seems obvious, yet many freelance community managers are embarking on social media management without this essential document.

Trainer training

Indeed, it is difficult to be effective in digital communication if we do not know the brand’s targets and objectives … Your client has not received anyaudit of its social networks and written recommendations on the directions to be followed? You can offer him to take charge of it or to commission a social media manager, specialist in digital strategies involving social media.

A good freelance community manager is creative

Create engaging content and engaging is essential on social media. With the competition and the amount of content published every day, you have to be extra creative to stand out. A good community manager is not afraid to take risks when creating content, testing new things, using lag or humor to engage your communities.

But that’s not all: a community manager is also able to provide quality visuals, perfectly handling the content creation tools.

A good freelance community manager writes perfectly

Spelling mistakes ? Forget this job right away if you do it every sentence! Indeed, a good community manager is supposed to handle the language in which he writes perfectly. Because poor writing usually has a very negative impact on brand image. A conscientious community manager does not publish live (except for live or urgent communications): he prepares a content schedule in order to be able to reread himself and have his publications validated to the client.

A good freelance community manager surf on trends

It’s a fact: social networks are constantly evolving. This is why, as a freelance community manager, it is essential to keep a regular watch on new trends. The best communty managers know the various platform updates, but also all good practices!

To do this, they read many articles or follow digital influencers to stay up to date with community management. Following trends also means keeping a watchful eye on clients’ competitors and on inspiring accounts. In short, a good community manager is very curious and open-minded!

A good freelance community manager is responsive

Moderating comments or replying to private messages are all tasks that are part of the daily life of a community manager. Here too, the brand image of your customers is at stake. Indeed, it is unthinkable to let “trolls” comment on posts or not respond to someone interested in a service or a product. A good freelance community manager is therefore reactive: he does not let any notification go through and very regularly connects to his clients’ social networks to be sure that nothing has escaped him.

A good freelance community manager is empathetic

Of course, community management requires a high degree of responsiveness. However, it is not always enough to act quickly to act well! A good freelance community manager must always show empathy and tact when speaking. If the detractor is difficult to deal with, they may use humor, hide or ban the user. However, he will never respond with disrespectful, violent or insulting words. It would be professional misconduct that could be blamed on him by the client, and rightly so.

A good freelance community manager really involved

This is not a scoop: the client expects the freelancer to achieve the goals set. But don’t think a community manager is bad if they haven’t got the results they want. Perhaps the bar was too high, the strategy was not so good, the competition increased … In short, the causes can be many.

In reality, a good freelance community manager above all gives himself the means to achieve the set objectives. He is involved with the brand, he tries to understand why communities are not growing better, why the engagement rate is stagnating. And above all, it offers solutions.

A good freelance community manager analyzes his actions

Whether the numbers are good or bad, the community manager must be able to interpret them. If he understands his subject well, he knows the data to analyze by heart. A good freelance community manager submits statistical analyzes regularly to its customers. This not only keeps them informed of the community management work that is being carried out, but also to propose the implementation of new strategies if necessary.

You now know the qualities and skills of a good community management professional. To sum up, the more passionate you are and your heart is in providing quality work to your clients, the more you will be recognized in your profession… and recommended thereafter. It’s up to you !