▷ What is a legal notice? 2020 -

For all stages of the life of a company, from its creation to its possible termination through transfers of headquarters, the company manager must make a legal announcement …

Legal announcements allow you to communicate publicly about the state of a company:

Training & Co'm
  • leader;
  • Social reason ;
  • capital;
  • creditworthiness;
  • changes;
  • Etc.

They also make it possible to inform the authorities about the stages of the life of a company:

legal notice

Since January 4, 1955, this formality has been compulsory and subject to Law No. 55. This law specifies demanding drafting rules: the title of the advertisement is necessarily in capital letters in bold font (equivalent to two 6-point body lines in Didot font).

Since a decree dated December 21, 2012, the line price is calculated based on different criteria:

  • The number of words used;
  • The mm / column;
  • The line height of 2.256 mm.

Only the tariff of a line is regulated. The price can fluctuate depending on the number of lines, the editor, and the newspaper authorized to publish the ad.

Finally, when the company has to [publier une annonce légale], it must do so in the department of its head office.

Special case : When the company transfers its head office to a different department, it must publish two legal notices: one in the department in which it is located and one in the transfer department of the head office.

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What you need to know to publish a legal notice

The publication of a legal notice must take place in an authorized newspaper. The legal advertisement journal will issue a certificate which constitutes proof of your submission of an advertisement. This is made up of:

  • From today’s date;
  • From the date of publication of the legal notice;
  • From the ad;
  • Of a signature;
  • From the official stamp of the newspaper.

This certificate is compulsory and necessary to inform the Trade and Companies Register.

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