▷ What is a press release? 2020 -

Written for journalists for the purpose to inform of the exit of a new product or future event, the press release is anything but a promotional tool. Journalists will only publish your press release on the condition that it is relevant to them and will hardly appreciate being forced to use their hand by means of advertising messages. It is thus not necessary to write to write but rather to be clear, concise and relevant in your arguments.

What is a good press release?

Designed to communicate information to journalists so that they relay information, the press release is a informative document and not advertising. Concise it synthesizes information on a specific subject and must be written so as to be reproduced as is by the press, in whole or in part.

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The goal is also to give the desire journalists to take a closer look at the subject and the company that issued the press release. It is important to consider the fact that journalists receiving a large daily amount of press releases, yours will have to stand out in order to get their attention.

The rules to follow for a good press release

Ideally, the press release should fit on an A4 page and answer the five basic questions of any communication, namely: Who, What, When, Why, Where – the 5 famous W.

Once the writing is done, it is necessary to select the journalists who will receive your press release. There is no point sending a boating press release to a journalist specializing in the health industry. In the context where your product or event is local, it is also necessary to limit the dissemination to your scope of activity (national, regional, local).

Finally, in general, the press release is written in the present even if it evokes a future event.

A well structured press release

First of all, thetransmitter must be easily identifiable, if you have a letterhead, do not hesitate to write it on this support.

The press release must also be dated the day of dispatch and have a clear title and impactful. To do this, its title should be short while indicating the topic.

Finally, the press release must start with a hat, then a corpus consisting of all the information to be transmitted to journalists, if necessary, including certain elements communicated in the title and the hat. The corpus corresponding to the famous five W seen previously.

Finally the fall of the press release must indicate the contact details of the person to contact for further information

Concise, impactful and straight to the point, the Press release which is not an advertising tool must above all play its role of information relay and link attractiveness and neutrality in its content as much as in its form.