▷ What is the interest of advertising objects in a company's communication strategy? 2020 -

Sometimes overlooked, object communication is an effective way to build awareness and popularize the visual identity of a business. Prized by marketing professionals, the advertising object promotes brand image, promotes products and services and build customer loyalty.

Why use object advertising?

According to a study conducted in June 2017 by the 2FPCP (French Federation of Professionals of Communication by the Object) on a thousand people, the French show a certain craze for advertising objects.

In fact, 89% find them sympathetic, 77% of those questioned keep the promotional gifts received and, the brand memorization rate on corporate goodies is around 75%. A record impact, which makes object advertising an essential notoriety lever to integrate into a marketing campaign.

Especially since a successful object communication strategy can have a moderate cost. For this, you must adapt the corporate gift to its target and anticipate the quantity of objects necessary: ​​a promotional object must appeal to the greatest number and be useful. The more it is used, the more it will be visible, thus maximizing its impact. The major advantage of promotional gifts is that they are integrated into the daily lives of your customers or prospects, promoting exposure to the brand.

With the proliferation of sellers of personalized advertising items such as the online print shop Printoclock for example, this means of promotion is becoming affordable for SMEs and allows them to communicate at lower cost.

When to distribute corporate gifts?

If the vast majority of goodies are distributed during events, be it a trade fair, a conference, a street marketing operation or even a sporting event in which the company is a partner, they are also returned to the store to reward customers .

If they are original and useful, the promotional items distributed in this way make it possible to reinforce the visual identity of the company and stand out from the competition. A beautiful advertising object will reflect a good image of the brand while improving its notoriety.

When given to a client or partner, business gifts build customer loyalty and help establish a special relationship.

As part of an internal communication campaign, giving employees promotional gifts helps develop a sense of belonging and strengthens team motivation.

Whether you opt for the classic but still effective, promotional pen, or if you opt for the more original and high-tech gift like an external battery for mobile devices, a well-chosen advertising object must be both useful, aesthetic and original for become a real ambassador for your communication.