The community manager is a profile particularly in demand on the job market. And it is not surprising knowing that we are talking about the person in charge of the management, animation and development of social networks on behalf of a company or a brand …

It is based on strategies designed as part of a web marketing plan, the goal of which is to use digital spaces as a means to reach potential customers and to establish a relationship that enables the achievement of business objectives. But the question that burns everyone’s lips is: how much does a community manager cost?

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What are the main tasks of a community manager?

Before discussing the price, it is essential to have an upstream idea of ​​the functions performed by a Community manager. Here are a few :

1- Create and manage digital brands profiles

Companies must have a professional profile, with an image and presentation suited to the brand. This profile should not only be on the main social networks, but also on social bookmarking pages and more generally pages that help brands to be present on the Internet.

Writing a profile for a business is quite an art, because it should be written with the intention of arousing interest in potential clients. It must inspire confidence and arouse the desire to know more about the brand. Therefore, in addition to knowing how to write, the CM must also understand consumer psychology.

2- Distribute content, especially on social networks

Besides wanting to follow a business on social media by brand name, the other reason that drives us is the content offered by the brand. The only thing we read and share on the Internet is the content and nothing else. A community manager should post content on social media at the right times and comment on the posts that generate the most conversation.

There are hundreds of sites you can post corporate content to, but doing it manually would take too much time. This is why there are community manager tools that allow you to automate content, such that, for example, a blog post is automatically published on as many social networks as possible, without requiring too much effort. .

It is also important to have an advanced management of community manager tools such as: hootsuite,, ifttt, postcron… because they will allow you to automate the content, to analyze the performance of the publications, and to from this data, to generate new strategies.

3- Generate engagement

The community manager is a kind of tribal leader, able to guide his followers towards the goals set by the company. To achieve these goals, he must learn to communicate with followers, generate conversation, follow comments on posts. It identifies influencers, brand ambassadors, collaborators, then contact them and develop a community. Also, he must manage contests, promotions and other events organized as part of the social media plan by the brand.

4- Build a better community every day

CM’s responsibility is not only to give an image to the brand in the digital environment. Showing interest in the daily life of the consumer is also ideal for gaining respect for the target audience and even more audiences. It is important to contribute to the community, no matter what industry you are in. Creating customer value is as easy as asking to take care of them.

What are its characteristics ?

By accomplishing the above tasks, a good community manager must:

1- Possess strong digital communication skills

Having great digital communication skills is an essential criterion in a company. Being one of the main visible voices of the brand, the community manager must therefore have a solid foundation in digital communication. Thus, in addition to perfectly mastering the tools essential to his work, the CM must be a sociable, communicative person who sympathizes with people and has empathy.

2- Be organized and attentive

The CM is called upon to perform multiple tasks at the same time. He must update the publications and check their impact and at the same time interact with users and collect information. The CM can quickly get overwhelmed by social media if he does not approach his work with a minimum of organization. That’s why the key to being a great WC is the editorial calendar. This will help him to organize his work better.

3- Be flexible

Flexibility is one of the most important characteristics of a CM. His job consists of several tasks and in each one he must be on top. One day, he will have the hat of public relations manager, while the next day, he will have to be an expert in the different types of marketing or be the editor of the blog. To be successful as a community manager, you must therefore have a great capacity for adaptation.

How much does a CM cost?

The price of a community manager is different from one environment to another and varies according to the level of experience, the status of the provider and the objectives of the assignment. But since we now know a little more about the role of the CM within a company, in terms of expectations and involvement, it is possible to make an estimate of what it may cost.

Indeed, a full-time community manager, who has a strong experience in digital marketing, costs on average 3,000 euros gross per month, a figure that will fluctuate depending on the industry and field of action. But with all the possible premiums including those related to social security, the price can quickly reach 4000 euros per month and even exceed them.

Companies that cannot afford such an expense often opt for independent offshore CMs. In this area, the rates are much more affordable. However, depending on their experience, the time required and the scope of action, the independent community manager can cost you from 1,500 to… 12,000 euros.

The ideal is to have a member of the company staff who is passionate about social media and build their capacity in community management so that they can benefit the brand.