Popular expression par excellence, web marketing is on the rise. Integrated almost systematically into the heart of corporate strategy, it remains by definition inseparable from digital. But in practical terms, what is web marketing for?

A dynamic strategy

The webmarketing consists of using the internet to publicize your business and significantly improve its visibility. This involves several elements including the design of a site, the supply of web pages or even the integration of your visitors into the heart of your business by setting up of interactions.

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Within the framework of a “showcase” website, this interaction could, for example, take the form of the creation of a newsletter subscription form or the addition of an incentive button to like your Facebook page.

The entire system having only one objective: get qualified traffic and increase your prospect base.

From prospect to ambassador

Web marketing being a dynamic marketing, prospects become customers will quickly become your best ambassadors. This support can be carried out via the traditional “word of mouth”, but also through the relay of your publications.

Web marketing is therefore not a one-way marketing, but a tool including your prospects at the heart of your strategy. Influencers, for example, are a perfect illustration of this system since, by advertising a business, they contribute more or less directly to the growth of its turnover.

Attract again and again

In regularly creating content for your targets, you are going through a strategy called “inbound” to naturally attract your prospects to you. This content creation can for example be embodied in an article writing work, creation of infographics / contests or even video sharing. The bottom line is that the content be informative and constitutes a source of value for your prospects. This content should also be able to be shared easily and quickly. By doing so, you will over time you position as an expert and strengthen your visibility.

CWT Advertising in 3 steps

To broadly schematize, web marketing is divided into three main steps, namely:

  • The attraction;
  • Conversion ;
  • Diffusion.

Theattraction consists as we saw above at increase traffic. Be careful, today to attract your prospects, the website, although fundamental, is far from sufficient. Study well the practices of your targets before committing to a specific channel (website, social networks, mobile applications).

The conversion for its part lies in the fact of convince your visitors to take action. This act can be embodied by a form to be completed, the sending of a request for quotation or any element allowing you to recover data. Please note, if the bounce rate of your site is high, this indicates that your visitors do not wish to know more about your company and / or your services. The possible reasons? Poor targeting, difficult identification of your services or significant loading time of your pages.

Then comes the diffusion. This step consists of retain your customers and should in no case be overlooked, on the contrary. Remember, in all client resides a potential ambassador. To do this, you can for example invest in social networks, set up promotions and sponsorship campaigns or send satisfaction surveys.

A rich and powerful toolbox, web marketing, when used in accordance with the expectations of your targets, contributes greatly to the enhancement of your business. The consequence ? A regular and constant increase in your turnover. Want to know more? I invite you to come back to me.