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If anyone knows the future of marketing, it’s Seth Godin. The subject’s longtime guru and author of 19 books (the new one is called This Is Marketing) and a new notebook in partnership with MOO preaches a kind of invisible marketing. “The word marketing should mean, ‘What do you call it when you do something people want?’, He says. This will become increasingly important in 2019 with the proliferation of new technologies. His challenge: be relevant, not noisy …

How will marketing continue to evolve in 2019?

Attention and trust are the two most important elements in the future of our economy. Yet large companies have a long history of waste and wasted money behind them. So the alternative is to be the kind of organization that does business with people rather than with those companies.

What does that mean ?

The mindset of pop-under, pop-overs, spam, targets are all tactics for tracking down customers. For example, if we have something we want to sell, damn it … we’ll find someone to sell it to!

I always get the impression that the marketer knows that his products are not in demand

Exactly. What we see time and time again is that successful companies don’t do this. They will be missed if they leave. When you act in a way that helps the person realize their dreams, goals and desires, you don’t have to fight your way to get there. We are entering an era where everyone knows there is no more privacy, that there is no more data security and that no one can be trusted. But when someone we can trust shows up, people say, “Oh, this person is different. She is one of us. ”

What is the place of new technologies in this area? Entrepreneurs have many tools

Free online technology usually works when you’re welcome, like the emails people want to open or the websites they want to visit. The online technologies you have to pay for, like programmatic advertising, spying on people’s privacy, boosting interactions, are innovations that were invented to make money with social media, not to help people who offer products that are already on the market anyway. It makes more sense not to worry about growing up, but rather to worry about being important – looking for the smallest viable audience, because that audience will ask you to do something special. And if it’s special, he’ll tell his friends.

It’s a homecoming

Yes, these are the basics of a century ago. And the reason why it is difficult is not because it is difficult. If it’s difficult, it’s because it’s scary. The tools of industrial marketing allow large companies to get away with it. You just write a check and it’s no longer your fault.

But if you want to make it human, it means you’re going to go outside and say, “I did this,” someone will then see it and say, “I don’t want it.” And it’s easy to hear that and say, “You don’t want me. I failed. But that is not the right answer. The correct answer is “Oh, I didn’t do this for you. I did it for someone like you who believes in something different, who wants something different. Let me find this person. ”

Source: What Seth Godin Wants You To Know About Marketing in 2019