▷ What should you put in the legal announcement of the creation of your SASU? 2020 -

The one-person simplified joint stock company (SASU) is a type of SAS which has only one partner who decides for himself the share capital of the company. This legal status, due to its great flexibility, is very often chosen by solitary entrepreneurs …

We will see in this article what to write in the legal announcement of the creation of a SASU, a mandatory step when setting up a business before being registered in the Commercial and Companies Register (RCS).

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Minimum mandatory information

Here are the elements that you must imperatively include in the legal announcement of the creation of SASU:

  • Date of signature of the statutes;
  • Legal form: it is a SASU, but you must specify “variable capital” if this is the case;
  • Company name, and initials if one exists;
  • Registered Address ;
  • Social object, the level of detail being left to your discretion;
  • Name and address of the president of the company;
  • Lifespan of the company (cannot exceed 99 years).

What you can / should add as appropriate

In addition to the mandatory information above, a certain amount of information can be added. These are mainly technical details concerning the approvals of new shareholders (which would otherwise transform SASU into SAS), but also the presence of an identified statutory auditor. Please note: the statutory auditor becomes compulsory in certain cases. This is for example the case if the company’s balance sheet exceeds one million euros, or if the turnover excluding tax is more than two million euros.

An example of a legal announcement to create SASU:

Here’s an example that lets you see that the ad doesn’t have to compete with a literary masterpiece to be published in a legal journal.

By act S.S.P. on 01/06/2018
a company S.A.S.U.
Name: Alice and Bob associate trainers
Acronym: AB formation
Capital: € 50,000
Headquarters: 1 rue de la formation 12345formationville
Subject: Continuing education for adults
President: Mrs WONDER Alice, 1 rue de la formation 12345 formation ville
Duration: 99 years.
Registration in the city training center

Note that in the writing of this notice, there are a number of elements which are presented only in the form of acronyms. This is a trick to lower the cost of the ad. We can for example see the acronym SSP, which means “under private seal”, SASU to designate the legal status of the company instead of the full version “simplified joint stock company” and finally RCS for “trade and commerce register societies. ” As long as the mandatory information is all there, and the acronyms are those used by all, your opinion will be admissible. If you’re not sure where the line is in writing your ad, don’t hesitate to get professional help.

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