Copywriting is trending. Not a week goes by without a new article, a new tip or a new training on the subject. Should we be congratulated? Probably yes. This at least proves that this major skill of marketing, copywriting, is finally taken into account at its fair value …

Even if some formations are much more opportunistic than serious.

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Good luck if you think you have mastered writing a sales page by purchasing a ready-made template for 27 euros.

But even the most fanciful formations are based on a simple and obvious observation:

No entrepreneur can ignore the sale.

Learning to sell should even be the main skill to develop when you want to start a business. Even if in practice, this skill is too often overlooked.

So the more you care about selling, persuading, how to convince a complete stranger to buy from you and not elsewhere, the more your sales will take off.

And copywriting is nothing more than writing sales.

Considering the radical change in behavior imposed on us by the current health crisis and the rise of e-commerce and the sale of online training, I am not going too far in saying that copywriting has the future ahead of it.

But there are things you won’t be told about copywriting.

According to some marketers, anyone can write a compelling sales page, a persuasive email sequence, or a compelling listing.

To believe some marketers, with the right tools (the famous “templates”) and the right method, you can almost write a text with one hand while making coffee and changing the cat litter with the other (j ‘hardly exaggerates).

The reality is quite different.

Here’s why.

Your copywriting must be authentic above all else

Look carefully at the sales pages you read every day.

You do not notice anything ?

They all look alike.

Same structures, same words, same expressions.

There is no point in complaining about an unusually low conversion rate.

By copying each other, using the same tricks and the same structures, we copywriters have numbed readers to sales pages.

Be careful, I am not saying that a sales page should not be structured. I’m saying that by relying on structures, we forget the essence of the message.

It’s like you’re just reading thrillers. Over time, your brain gets used to the narratives used in this literary style and gradually you are less and less surprised by the plots and you realize that they all look alike.

In copywriting, it’s the same.

More and more customers are used to seeing sales pages.

It’s not the structure of a sales page or email that sells.

It is important, but it is not.

What matters most is how much confidence and authenticity you are able to inject into your message. And of course, the words you use.

To sell, you have to be surprising, convincing and have a strong message that speaks to your audience.

But for that,

Your copywriting must have style

Selling in writing means knowing how to write.

Said like that, it seems obvious.

And yet, it isn’t that much.

And it is even less so when you are made to believe that you only need to apply the right structures to explode your sales.

Certainly a copywriter is not a writer. It’s quite the opposite.

But carefully read the sales pages and emails that you find most successful.

What appeals to you about the text, besides the message?

This is the writing style.

Because in addition to mastering the art of persuasion at the tip of the keyboard, the copywriter has a writing style that stands out from the copy / paste sales pages you are used to reading.

He has his own way of writing. His style is an integral part of the trust he is able to build with his audience. He could structure his sales messages quite differently than he would have the same impact. I take the bet.

Quite simply because he knows his audience, his needs and his pains in depth, which is more important than any structure.

And also of course because he knows how to sell.

That’s why …

Your copywriting must be seller

Yes I know, we are very close to pleonasm.

But as you have understood that the purpose of this article is to attack ready-to-use structures, I give a layer on the obvious, even if the obvious is not that obvious and even if I know I’m not gonna make all friends.

It is certain that to be a good copywriter, it is necessary to study in depth the persuasion, the psychology of the purchase and all the psychological biases which make that the human being is never rational in its consumer behaviors (and not that in those elsewhere).

But after all, selling is first and foremost common sense.

You don’t need a structure to understand that if you start your sales message with “buy my product, it’s great”, you have no chance of selling it.

No need for a structure to understand that you have to go slowly, establish contact, show empathy, understand the problems of your prospects, show them that your solution can have a real benefit for them.

Realize that if you hate being sold, your customers hate it just as much.

So you will automatically be more likely to sell if you do the exact opposite of everything you hate about aggressive salespeople.

Yes, that’s just common sense.

So, be smart and creative.

Of course, your message has to be well structured to be convincing.

But structure is only the surface of copywriting.

Believe me, copywriting is a profession that cannot be improvised.

If you are not comfortable with writing, hire a professional copywriter to write your sales copy.

But remember, as good as it is, the message you want to convey to your audience is yours, not theirs.

A true copywriter will question you until you know your inner motivations and those of your audience as well as you do. He will write in your own words and those of your audience, but in his own style. So first make sure you know if her writing style is right for you.

Of course, he will structure the message to be convincing. But that’s the easiest part of the job.

So certainly the structures of an email or sales page are important. But structure is only form. If the form masks the lack of substance, the message is hollow and sales are at half mast.