The June 6 and 7, took place for the 4th consecutive year the SMX PARIS, unmissable event for French specialists in Web marketing and “SEARCH” (SEM, SEO, SMO)…

Here is what we take from this new edition, the good, the bad, but we reassure you, there is more good, with the presence of MOZ and Majestic SEO, it helps!

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(+) Undoubtedly, the conference of Rand Fishkin, co-founder of SEOMOZ, now MOZ.

You dream of one day seeing an American show, by a WEB star, we got it!

As a reminder, MOZ offers analysis solutions for SEO and marketing professionals more generally. True SEARCH specialist and, by extension, GOOGLE, Rand, co-founder of the company with his mOman, came to present us different “GOOD Marketing” rules on the Web.

Be authentic, pamper your visitors, make them actors and not just spectators, use new semantic ranking methods, and most importantly, don’t leave the search engines control your strategy, here is the summary of Rand’s thoughts. Through several examples of successful but also failed marketing campaigns, Rand reminds us that the compound authenticity, originality-sharing is the key to a successful web presence. At a time when Google indexes more and more content directly in its results pages (sometimes at the expense of the source of the content), it tells us that to exist tomorrow, it will be necessary to be different! No longer think about the engines, and an SEO strategy, but visitors, and a behavior strategy.

I could do an entire article on this conference, but that would be reductive in view of everything that was said during these two days… I invite you to follow now, however @randfish.


(+) Google and the evolution of advertising over the past 13 years.

A nice moment, well presented by Jérôme Marty and Léo Vacher (Google), supported by Laurent Salanié (Weekendesk).

2.2 devices connected to the Internet per capita today in the United States … 50 by 2020! This is an explosive figure that surprised the assembly from the start of the conference … and one last for the road, every day, Google records more than 16% of queries never typed so far.

During this conference, Google, through its two representatives, will give us details of the new SEM, just released, or in BETA version in the US.

  • Dynamic Search Ads: Google indexes the content of your site and offers, based on the user’s request, the ideal ad for the requested request, an ad that it creates automatically.
  • RLSA (Remarketing list for search ads): Online since the end of 2012 (BETA version in England), this new Google offer offers advertisers to capitalize their efforts on Internet users who have seen their ads, by offering them during their navigation, other advertiser’s advertising, always more targeted, for SEARCH and not just display!
  • Ad Extensions Get Conversion Tracking: In BETA version in the United States, this new Google toy will allow you tomorrow to significantly shorten your conversion tunnels according to new GOOGLE extensions, sitelinks, images, products, calls, etc.

(-) How to build your Netlinking?

A gray conference… black Hat?

A tweet sums up the essence of my thoughts, and I thank David Degrelle, founder of 1st Position for having raised this element directly during the conference … I leave you alone judge “For REAL creative ideas in netlinking” HERE “… because this is so old and spammy what I hear :(”

Indeed, during 1 hour, three speakers made us the apology of the purchase of links (For which Google has set up a filter), of the comment link on the forums with the creation of fake account (and Nabilla, yes yes, i swear, they presented a slide with Nabilla featured), whois link or even cloaking from url,… everything we used several years ago, so of course it can still work, but from there to have a conference at the SMX above, a little too much.

While we attended this conference to obtain the opinion of experts following the modifications of the Google algorithm on this subject, we were a little disappointed to find deja vu, and above all, very very limited for professionals and communication agencies.

(-) Website redesign, what challenges?

How to lose 30% of traffic after a site redesign … the Entertainment and Leisure section of the Orange portal has done it!

During this conference, we learned what not to do during a site redesign … and you know what, you should not indicate in your robots.txt the mention “Disallow all”, Is that so !? :-).

While we find the subject very attractive, it has been treated by examples of practices not to be followed. Suddenly, and because the subject may interest more than one, I prefer to give you some personal leads and some information from conferences on related themes:

  • Identify the content that Google has in its index, then identify their positions on the engine for the desired queries.
  • Identify the new architecture of your site, based on the previous analysis and the future content of your site.
  • Capitalize on your future SEO by applying the appropriate redirects, 301 for the content to be kept, 410 for the content that you no longer want to see
    indexed by Google at the next crawl (avoid wasting Google time while visiting your site, some of your content may be linked elsewhere
    than on your site).
  • Take this opportunity, if it is not already the case, to plan your mobile strategy, a responsive site or a dedicated mobile site. Be careful, remember the rel = “canonical” tag in the case
    from a dedicated mobile site, do not duplicate at home.
  • The redesign is often the best time to make a point on its netlinking, take the opportunity to purify your backlinks and denounce those unnecessary or serving you.
    Each domain name has its history, and the history of SEO has not always been very clean … to purify is therefore a necessity following the Penguin updates.

Our opinion

In summary, the atmosphere at SMX is always as pleasant, good speakers, participants always as numerous (260 I think this year), a great edition in particular thanks to the participation of two heavyweights of SEARCH, MOZ and MAJESTIC SEO. Will we go back, YES! For more information, many videos, conference slides are available directly on the SMX Paris website. We were unable to follow all the conferences, so this list is not exhaustive.