▷ WhatsApp: another marketing trend for the coming months 2020 -

Last year was an opportunity for many brands and marketers to work on their communication on WhatsApp. The booming application has just passed the 5 billion downloads mark on the Play Store ahead of TikTok that we mentioned earlier. WhatsApp joins the closed club of 12 apps having past the 5 billion installations. Club in which we find between other: Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook

While the application does not bother with old phones (WhatsApp announced in late 2019 no longer update the application on old models of Android or IOS phones), Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, after considering advertising to monetize the application goes back and abandons this project. Marketing on WhatsApp will not go through advertising banners, and fortunately ! It will go more through the one to one communication with prospects and customers or via groups that can serve also after-sales or nurturing for prospects. There is no doubt that Facebook will continue to look for new ways to monetize the app, including new services for businesses. It will therefore be necessary to closely monitor the announcements made on this subject in the coming months. In the meantime, WhatsApp remains a communication channel to consider for your marketing strategy. Some will prefer Telegram which offers options interesting for managing user groups / communities. But, the numbers being what they are, WhatsApp is the application with the most users, so it makes sense for brands to favor this lever for their communication strategy. Especially since there is a good chance that WhatsApp will soon offer equivalences to the tools offered by Telegram. Without counting the projects ofFacebook / Instagram / WhatsApp messaging unification which, if realized, will give advertisers an ultra powerful communication tool! And you, are you using WhatsApp for your strategy Marketing? If so, what are your actions? Sources: Phonandroid, 20 minutes