Today, the border between digital and marketing
classic is getting thinner and thinner. With the presence of digital in the
daily, it is now easy, even for SMEs, to offer an experience
digital connected to their physical points of sale. NFC chips, reality
augmented, phygital… in this article, I propose to introduce you to the
different possibilities available to you.

QR codes

QR codes are now well known to the general public,
that’s their main advantage.

They are also very easy to create and their cost of implementation
in place is weak see zero if you are resourceful 🙂

You can, for example, use free QR code generation tools to then print them on your flyers, business cards and other physical media. If you want to try it, you have, for example, the free tool offered by

The QR code is not free from defects, the user is
forced to install an app, which goes one step further in
the course. In addition, depending on the applications, the experience is sometimes
laborious. Hence, I think, the lack of enthusiasm of users for
this technology.

However, this remains a possibility accessible to all of
make a bridge between its physical and digital media.

A tip if you want to use the QR codes in
your communication: do it in an original way. It is possible to
customize the visuals to make them more attractive than a simple
succession of squares.

In practice :

examples of original codes

NFC chips

Today, all phones are compatible with the
NFC format. The latter has several advantages over this good old QR
coded :

  1. User does not need to install
    of application on his mobile;
  2. On your side, the chip is not visible on the
  3. The connection between the user’s mobile and
    the support is much easier and natural compared to the QR Code;
  4. The possibilities of applications are more

And good news, the solutions to integrate NFC chips
to its supports are more and more accessible.

I have seen, for example, business cards and invitations connected on COPY-TOP. A good way to digitize your events or meetings. This solution is still not widespread, you can, in addition, mark the spirits.

nfc copytop invitation

Augmented Reality at the service of marketing

We are moving up a gear with augmented reality!
Technology booming in recent years, it allows an experience
ultra rich mixing the user’s environment with information

Integrate augmented reality into your marketing strategy
requires more effort, thought and therefore budget.

It is therefore essential to have a real reflection. He … not
it’s not about using augmented reality just to do “in”
but to have a real use for the user at the risk of making a flop.

Why not an experience
in point of sale allowing to display information on the origin of
products, their characteristics and others, or even a competition for
“Pokemon go” to bring customers to the point of sale …

There are several solutions to make it affordable,
yourself, augmented reality apps.

For example, Layar Creator or Augment!

If you have larger budgets, you can also
use specialized augmented reality agencies to create a
custom application.

The Phygital

Connected stores, or phygital, remain to this day
the most extensive experience in the crossover between digital marketing
and classic marketing.

The idea is to have a synergy between the physical universe of
point of sale and the brand’s web universe. In this type of experience, the
customer can very well start their experience at home and end up in
sale or vice versa.

Data exchanges allow a continuous experience
and natural for the customer. They offer adapted offers and
customized to customer history.

Among the good students in the field, two brands in
the world of cosmetics:

Aroma Zone, specialist in in-house cosmetics, has integrated
the launch of its interactive kiosk stores to facilitate
the experience of its customers and have continuity with the site.

phygital aroma zone

Sephora has also invested in phygital for certain
of its stores (notably that of Val d´Europe) with a Beauty Hub
allowing to discover beauty tutorials, to choose personalized products,
etc …

phygital sephora beauty hub

Phygital remains the ultimate but least affordable solution!

For the moment, this type of solution is more accessible to
large groups than SMEs but I am sure that gradually, solutions
will also appear for SMEs.


The possibilities to integrate digital into the physical are
now, for the most part, accessible to any business. They provide a
better connection with its prospects and customers, so it’s time to get there
put 🙂

If you’ve already done something like this,
feel free to share your feedback via comments!