It would be wrong to observe and describe the digital world by adopting fixed categories. The essence of the net, on the contrary, is to offer a potentially infinite universe with shifting borders. This permanent movement allows many digital players to play on several tables.

And that’s how the line between website publishers and advertisers can get blurred. Indeed, and this is not paradoxical, the influencers who usually live from advertising themselves have an interest in changing into advertisers to make themselves known and / or maintain their image… Let’s take this opportunity to better understand this little-known reality, but as essential as real!

Why try to promote your site or blog?

Regardless of its scale, the blogger or website publisher – potentially at the head of an entire empire – owes a great deal to advertising. It’s kind of the nerve of the war… It’s a big financial windfall, without which the activity of an Internet media would be strictly voluntary, like a hobby. But everyone knows that it takes a lot of work to manage one or more websites

It is therefore fair to get paid with display banners and infomercials, for example.

A good Internet page, however, needs to be known. God knows that the competition is raging and it is not easy to carve out a good share of the audience. Notoriety and traffic are acquired through hard work and patient work, quality making the difference over time and over time. It remains however possible, without neglecting the qualitative aspect (quite the contrary), to boost its visibility through partnerships… and different advertising methods.

This is how a portal that distributes numerous ads itself … can become a punctual or regular advertiser!

The objective remains of course to publicize blogs and sites whose content is qualitatively relevant and convincing. Indeed, the aim of communication campaigns will therefore be to attract new and curious visitors, by counting on retaining them thanks to the good impression they will be made. In addition, in addition to ordinary internet users, we will also receive visits from brands and web marketing agencies, an excellent thing for increasing the number of its customers.

Likewise, the influential outlets through which you will communicate may in some cases be themselves interested in announce at your house. In short, everyone can find their way there, mutual satisfaction being the basis of any successful business relationship.

Promote your site

What means to achieve this?

Now remains to find the best solution to benefit from a ROI (Return On Investment) unbeatable: it would be a shame to throw money out the window, the goal being on the contrary to collect the maximum possible in the end! If you prepare the ground and your operation well, you will always get your money’s worth – most of the time from the short term.

The starting point, of course, is the marketing budget you can have. Estimate it with insight and realism, while specifying its nature: punctual? Weekly? Monthly? annual? From there, you will have to set the field of your possibilities, because the ideal is to diversify its communication. In this area, it’s like investments … You have to think big to spread the risks and maximize your chances of gain.

Of course, there are leading niches capable of producing all the expected economic benefits.

And, in this area, it is influencer marketing via sponsored articles that is doing well today. In case it is necessary, let us specify that a sponsored ticket is a text written by a webmaster or an intermediary for a brand or company, published on a medium external to the advertiser. The goal is to be visible to others to find new customers and / or partners.

Let’s be clear: generally, when we try sponsored articles, we can’t do without them anymore… And for good reason: the sponsored article with a view to native advertising and D’influence marketing, this is THE big trend today, especially with the display of ad blockers and – quite simply – the distrust of Internet users.

A tailor-made solution

In fact, even if it means communicating against ringing and stumbling money, you might as well do it by the means that works best in a digital era! This is the most sustainable strategy that can be devised to make yourself known and increase your prestige.

The interface specifically offers you the opportunity to do this experience. It brings together publishers of influential websites and advertisers across Europe. It is of course possible to play on both tables … The texts can be designed directly by web masters or by the team of the start-up hosting the concept.

This innovative solution creates a virtuous circle for all stakeholders: in short, the more you make yourself known and the more you can attract interesting advertisers. There is also an affiliate / sponsorship program to increase the number of its campaigns as well as its earnings. Accessible in French, English, German and Spanish, the platform continues to expand its ramifications on the continent.

Know that this communication tactic is acclaimed by very big names in the economy, like ENGIE, Samsung, Orange and Ralph Lauren … to name a few. It is after all more than logical, especially when we imagine that a third of Internet users now make their purchases after taking advice by reading a blog post, site or media influencing the net.

The return on investment – or ROI for friends – is unbeatable and much higher than what one could get from the display: 10 € earned for an investment of 1 € in influencer marketing! However, this is statistics and not chance as for horse racing … 10 to 1 with an almost certain outcome, it is still difficult to refuse!

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