The fruit of a collaboration between greatcontent, an expert in content writing and translation, and the Primelis agency, this white paper presents in detail the issues related to brand awareness and
demonstrate how relevant SEO content is one of the key elements for
implement a sustainable and efficient digital strategy. Rich in
practical examples, it is an essential guide for all
professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge in terms of content

What is the notoriety of
brand and how can SEO help?

Whatever product you want to market, the first challenge is to make your brand known to consumers. They must be aware of your existence but also understand that you can meet their needs. Building your brand identity to gain real notoriety takes time and each step of this process must be carefully anticipated.

Writing quality SEO content for your e-commerce site, your blog or the various social networks used by your brand is essential to establishing a good relationship with your consumers. Internet users are assailed all day long with variable quality advertising content. To capture and hold their attention for more than a second, you need to shape a brand image close to their interests. SEO content is one of the tools that can help you do that.

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Establish and improve awareness
branding through SEO

Thinking about the best way to develop your brand awareness is a great opportunity to clearly choose what you want to highlight about your business and its products. How would you like to present your services to Internet users? For some brands, the priority is to emphasize their spirit of innovation, their technical advances, their innovations. They therefore make a point of adopting an SEO language in line with their high-tech aims.

Other brands, on the contrary, want to establish the image of a family home, steeped in tradition and rich in centuries-old know-how. Here again, tailor-made SEO content reflecting these values ​​is crucial to working on your brand image.

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Why and how to measure effectiveness
your brand awareness and SEO?

Once your SEO strategy is well established, it remains an essential step: to verify that it is effective. Indeed, it is out of the question to continue writing and disseminating content that is poorly suited to your brand image, which could have unfortunate consequences in the very long term. To properly understand this situation, this white paper presents various useful tools that will help you obtain reliable data concerning direct traffic to your site, click-through rate or even the average time spent on your pages by each Internet user.

By using the different features of Google Analytics, Ahrefs or Google Data Studio, you will be able to better understand the habits of visitors to your site and renew your content to further arouse their interest. It is through this process of adjustments that, little by little, you will give your brand all the notoriety that it deserves.

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