▷ White papers: what are the advantages for your inbound marketing strategy? 2020 -

The white paper has gradually established itself as a first choice web format. Indeed, this type of free and downloadable document is easily integrated into a content strategy, and is now part of pillars of inbound marketing.

However, you need to understand the challenges of a white paper publication in order to optimize it. Even more, you will need to include it in a more global communication strategy to benefit from all the advantages of a white paper : find out how in this handy little guide!

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What is a white paper?

A white paper, or white paper, is conceived as a digital document fairly close to the e-book. Downloadable online, white paper however, turns out to be shorter than a digital book, since it focuses on a particular aspect of a theme, or on a specific problem that its potential readers may encounter.

The white paper must therefore, first and foremost, answer the questions and problems encountered by the target of your company. Ideal for attracting new prospects, this digital format can also encourage the loyalty of existing customers, provided that they understand their expectations and needs.

In most cases, white papers are downloaded directly from the websites of companies or organizations that publish them. Free, these white papers are however issued in exchange for an email address, personal information (position, age, geographic location, etc.) or a phone number.

The 3 advantages of white paper in inbound marketing

The publication of a white paper can allow you to achieve 3 main objectives, which are all assets for your inbound strategy.

  • The promotion an offer, a product and / or a service: the white paper can help you attract your prospects and customers, by presenting the features and advantages of your offer. You can also use this digital format to facilitate the handling and use of your products, if necessary.
  • Thecommitment and the qualification prospects: by offering to download a white paper in exchange for an e-mail address or a telephone number, you will be able to contact qualified prospects who are interested in your company’s offer.
  • The expert positioning of your organization: by publishing quality white papers, you will confirm your company’s expertise in its field of activity. Even more, you can add a dimension of advice to your marketing actions.

So publishing a white paper can both serve commercial and marketing objectives of your company. For this, you will nevertheless have to optimize its design as well as its promotion.

How to optimize your white paper?

Just publishing a white paper is not enough to hire new prospects or boost your business’s sales. You have to optimize your white paper, without forgetting to promote it to your customers and prospects.

  • So start with optimize main title, the captions and the teaser of your white paper. Feel free to reuse the keywords you use to reference your website, not to mention the long tail phrases.
  • Also think about design an optimized landing page, which may convince people to download your white paper in exchange for an email address or a phone number. Present all the benefits they can derive from reading the white paper, and reassure them about the use and protection of their personal data.
  • Finally, be sure to promote your white paper on all the supports which are at your disposal: accounts and groups on social networks, e-mailing campaigns, sites specialized in the publication of white papers (Example), etc.

Have you already published a white paper for your company? Share with us the benefits, but also the pitfalls you may have encountered during its conception or promotion!