So that you can take advantage of Instagram for your brand, in this article we will take a quick look at the advantages linked to its use …

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Genesis: the visual above all

With over 1 billion active users monthly (Source: Hootsuite 2019), Instagram has never ceased to surprise since its launch in October 2010 and its takeover by Facebook in 2012.

100% dedicated to sharing photos and videos, the mobile application has been able to develop over time in order to offer increasingly advanced features.

Before even taking an interest in the many possibilities offered by the application, it is important to remember that the primary use of this social network is to give the possibility to the user to take and share with his friends and his community photographs and videos directly taken via his phone.

The second aspect that made the application so famous is undoubtedly the possibility for users to be able to add various filters to their images, thus giving an artistic and emotional dimension to publications.

Finally, like any good social network, the user can add text and
hashtags to his visuals, and his community is able to “like”
and comment on his photos.

Instagram for whom?

Instagram was at its origin, just like Facebook when it was launched, a social network mainly dedicated to individuals. Gradually, brands saw a major interest in developing their image and the notoriety of their product by appropriating the codes.

Of course, brands with a strong creative dimension in their DNA will be more likely to take advantage of the application, whether in B2C (Luxury Homes & Fashion, Jewelry, Hotel Catering …) than in B2B to demonstrate in particular their know-how (creative agencies, photographers, architects, painters, graphic designers, etc.).

However, any brand can communicate on Instagram, provided that it offers quality content by focusing on the visual aspect.

And if your business does not seem favorable to the use of Instagram, you can break your preconceptions by taking example from these brands in the engineering or construction sectors: IBM, General Electric or Ghilotti. They manage to play with social network codes while remaining relevant in their field thanks to the quality of their publications!

src=”▷-Why-and-how-to-communicate-well-on-Instagram-for.jpg” alt=”IBM Instagram ” width=”225″ height=”479″ />
Example of Instagram posting by IBM

Finally, if you are not sure which social network to choose for your business, we can never repeat it enough: Set yourself goals in advance to best define your strategy!

The benefits of Instagram for your brand

They are numerous !

Indeed, Instagram is a strong opportunity to promote your brand and the desirability of your products or services. This is the right way for you to diversify your communication and interact with your targets.

Among the many advantages of this social network, we note among others:

  • Millions of users connected every day: these are all potential customers for you;
  • An engagement rate of sometimes up to 10 times that of Facebook;
  • A space dedicated to creativity allowing you to give a differentiating image of your business;
  • The possibility of communicating privately with your consumers to answer all their questions;
  • The possibility of accessing precise analytics on your followers, notably allowing you to know what interests them or not;
  • The possibility of publicizing your publications.

Ok but where to start?

First, and to find out if Instagram is right for you, you will have to analyze your marketing and sales objectives. On this application, and as we have already seen above in this article, everything goes through the image before the text. It will therefore be the visual that will allow you to “sell” your expertise or your product.

You will therefore have to ask yourself the right questions: does my business have a creative dimension that I can highlight? Are the visual or the photography relevant to make my products or services even more desirable? Do I have the material and human capacity?

In a second time, you will need to consider your target: who do you want to talk to? Your future communications will adapt according to the type or types of “personae” that you have defined. For example, if you are a UX Design agency, your targets could be the CEOs and directors of digital.

Finally, you will have to define an editorial line around themes echoing your objectives and targets. This essential phase will allow you to precisely define the type of visuals and texts that you will post monthly, and therefore better organize your content production. Indeed, as with other social networks, to communicate effectively on Instagram, you will need to publish regularly!

Features to go further

Today, it is possible to do much more than just post photos or videos on your Instagram feed. Indeed, among the flagship features of recent years, we find in particular:

Balmain Instagram
Example of Tag produced by Balmain

Also, be aware that you can also create advertising campaigns directly on Instagram. Thus, they will allow you to reach new targets and therefore increase the awareness of your brand.

In conclusion

As you can see, communicating on Instagram is a way for your brand to gain visibility and promote your products or services. The key word of this social network is “image”, so you will have to assess its relevance according to your commercial and marketing challenges.

Indeed, the regularity of your publications, their quality and above all their creativity will be essential in order to arouse the engagement of your targets and recruit new subscribers.*