▷ Why are creative profiles essential for digital communication? 2020 Guide -

Creative force in any business is a precious resource. So why not integrate the creative profiles directly into the communication hubs? Digital has profoundly changed the marketing market, its practices, its working methods and the environment in which we operate. If the expertise remains segmented, in particular due to the specialization of the trades induced by the digital transition, the agility and the mix of skills must spread in the different departments …


Creativity: a key skill in a communication strategy

Emotion at the service of brand image

In the universe of digital communication, creativity rhymes with emotion, surprise or even singularity. But how to integrate them fully into a marketing strategy, which is rather synonymous with market segmentation, acquisition and conversion of prospects, activation of digital levers, etc. A little less poetic isn’t it?

Webmarketing training

Creative profiles will respond to other challenges, exempt from quantified results, ROI or KPIs, specific to marketing professions. We’ll talk more about notoriety, brand image, identity. Today, these goals are just as critical to the success of a web business. A strong image will help win the hearts and minds of Internet users. In addition, a good notoriety will necessarily influence, positively, the marketing objectives set by the departments.

When we talk about creativity and emotion, you have to think of storytelling. And storytelling is more than ever to be integrated into a global communication strategy to harmonize the axes, messages and speaking that must participate in the construction of a brand identity very specific. Playing with emotions goes, for example, by creating a story around the company, or building a legend around the brand. In this way, the company’s audience will be more easily consolidated and theclient experience increased tenfold.

Zoom on two examples of storytelling

We can notably cite the jewelry brand Cartier which produced a superb creation a few years ago, with the now famous spot ” the Odyssey ” It was recently renewed with its tribute campaign to Alberto Santos-Dumont, in an advertisement embodied by the shadowy Jack Gyllenhaal.

In another vein, the Michel & Augustin brand has established itself thanks to its originality. It stood out in a very competitive market thanks to everything the imaginary designed around its products from its leaders. Indeed, the history of the brand is at the center of storytelling. There, we talk about troublemaking, we work at the banana plantation and we have fun talking to consumers directly via the packaging.

Creative profiles, real technicians

To gain relevance and efficiency, while capitalizing on the talent of creatives, we must start with adapt formats to marketing. Inbound marketing has completely revolutionized content strategies, where quality and targeting are the cornerstones of their success. From now on, we are looking for qualified traffic, just like people from this traffic who are looking for quality content. Logic.

To offer added value to these demanding Internet users, limit the bounce rate, and who knows, carry out conversions, why not ask a creative professional? Depending on the sectors of activity of your company, capitalize on your strengths by producing innovative content. 3D computer graphics, stop motion, motion capture, “Brut” video, motion design are all possibilities for diversify formats !

Faced with the competition that exists on the web, let’s avoid standardizing practices, and stand out from the crowd. This obviously requires work, script the creative project and adapt it to the editorial slant, you have to include the right message and find a purpose fueled by the company’s objectives. But these investments are worth it and are fully consistent with the growing needs of inbound.

How digital has left room for creativity

Data analysis for creativity

Among the professions that have emerged with the expansion of digital, and which are constantly growing, we find all those related to data processing. Dataminer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst act at the heart of marketing strategies. They play a decisive role in targeting actions and understanding the public.

The data is therefore real assets for communication teams looking to deliver the message most suited to their audiences. The study of data offers great possibilities for rethinking the strategy to be pursued.

Ok, what about the creative side? As we said at the beginning of the article, web designers, graphic designers, motion designers, UX designers should be fully integrated into the marketing pole. Data professionals come to feed this marketing pole, which creates a virtuous circle for the company, thanks to the pooling of skills totally different, but today inevitably complementary.

Like web marketers, creatives will be able to use data to conceptualize their projects. Certainly, their approach will be different, less compartmentalized by processes, but their objective will be the same: to serve the company by providing qualified content to a very specific audience. Thanks to statistical indicators, they will be able to orient their creation, think of other formats, adapt their story, accentuate an emotion or another, etc.

Innovate to gain audience loyalty

The user gets tired quickly, so bet on creative content ultra targeted is a real key to attracting a qualified audience and gaining their loyalty. The web has seen the birth of a whole bunch of now cult formats like memes or GIFs. It is essential to exploit this infinite number of possibilities offered by digital and social media which are reinvented regularly.

The fast food brand Burger king is an expert in the art of creativity, online and offline. Indeed, advertisements often make people smile, because they are minimalist, with a strong and surprising message, based on news, unusual facts or simply for the pleasure of trolling its competitors. The brand capitalizes on commitment with a deliberately provocative tone, and it works!