▷ Why can impertinence help you in b2b communication? 2020 -

When we talk about impertinence, understand “lag”, “humor”, “distance”, etc. in terms of editorial communication. It is said everywhere that Content marketing is the key success factor in b2b. It is therefore crucial to focus your efforts on the quality of the content. Of course, you have to adapt to your targets, your products and your markets, but experience has shown me that an offbeat or even funny speech has more impact and generates more engagement. But why ?

Is it relevant to use recklessness?

Yes, for several reasons:

  • By adopting an offbeat speech, you stand out (from your competitors), you attract attention, and you do not leave indifferent;
  • In other words, you display an original positioning that arouses curiosity. It’s already a good point ;
  • You cause a reaction, and therefore an emotion, in the targeted person. This is one of the foundations of story-telling! ;
  • You put your human side first, because even if the business is a priori serious, we are nonetheless sensitive to humor. You create a mirror effect with your audience, and thus strengthen your proximity to them;
  • You demonstrate that your brand assumes its difference and originality. This underlines a real confidence in you and your product. It is also a proof of autonomy which reassures, and which pleases.

The good old recipes…

The worlds of advertising, television and more recently the press have understood the value of impertinence in communication. They can obviously be a source of inspiration.

Randomly some famous examples with Apple mastering the exercise better than anyone:


… Apply on the web

Today the web is an ideal platform to get out of conformism by spreading effective sassy messages. Social networks are indisputable vectors of virality and visibility. So don’t hesitate to be creative:

  • Use as many visuals as possible: images, videos, drawings, etc. These types of content are very well shared;
  • Use your memories. Use the codes of the past (80s or 90s for example) which awaken in each of us a certain nostalgia. The time difference accentuates the absurdity of the message and triggers the fun;
  • Do not hesitate to test new dissemination formats that are flourishing on the web (Vine, storyfy, infographics, …);
  • Surf the news of your sector (and even beyond) to find new topics.

But no matter how …

Be careful though! The humor is double-edged, because it appeals to subjectivity. In a b2b context, I recommend taking care to respect these few points:

  • Create as much as possible an alchemy between seriousness, distance and Humor in your message;
  • Keep the right balance between content lag and relevance;
  • For this, always associate useful content with your sassy message or content;
  • Never fall into controversy, gossip or gratuitous humor.

An example in b2b which I really liked:


In the end, it is not a question of generalizing the impertinence in your communication, but of choosing certain channels to convey, here and there, more original, more impactful messages. These new concepts, ideas and projects are all the more enjoyable than they are pleasant to imagine for the marketer that you are. Dare, test and draw conclusions.